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Thread: R5-BOO19

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    A vast improvement over last year's dull look
    I figured an R5 since 2016..R2, 2017..R3, and 2018..R4. So I'll call it now, R5-H19 and R6-D23..if they happen3
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    Will attempt to get my hands on one this week. The app has been pathetic lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indysolo007 View Post
    Will attempt to get my hands on one this week. The app has been pathetic lately.
    ebay? app? in person?

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    This is the first Halloween astromech from Disney Parks that I could see “in universe”. Great design!
    Loving Disney and all things Danish and Japanese!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by R1G4R3PO View Post
    ebay? app? in person?
    tried calling the parks hotline this morning and that was a no go. The system has the item locked.

    ebay will be my next attempt unless the app puts it up. The app (now merged into the Disney Park app) hasn’t had a new Star Wars item in months. They are so deathly afraid of accidentally selling a Galaxys Edge product. The parks hotline pretty much answers the phone, thank you for calling Disney parks merchandise, no we cannot sell you a galaxys edge item. Why? Because Galaxys Edge seems to be one big friggin Disney Star Wars Store. Aside from a ride or two they are trying to sell you stuff. Kind of frustrating. I have a very demanding job and it’s been a decade since I’ve taken a proper vacation. eBay has been the only spot to buy these droids. Disney is pretty stupid to not offer more to consumers who are starved for products. Hasbro is barely selling Star Wars toys and some of us would use Disney products to get our fix.

    Sorry for the rant, just frustrating trying to give my money away in exchange for Star Wars toys
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    Checked out Star Trader in Disneyland on 8/4 and they didn't have them out yet. I'll be there again Friday and let you know if they are available in park then.

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    May you live in interesting times.

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    Agreed, much better looking than the last one! Whether I'll get one or not is a very different story. lol
    Looking for:R3-H17, L3-37
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    Mine is on the way
    I think I'll display him with the torso backwards, as it has a better 'skeleton suit' look.
    May you live in interesting times.

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