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    Big shout out to beagan for helping me acquire this spooky droid. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LandoGriffin View Post
    I was at Disneyland on Saturday and saw a whole end cap full in Star Trader, near the build a droid bin.
    Wow, I must have totally missed them! And I walked right buy the Build A Droid section. I'm just happy people don't have to go into the park to buy them now...

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    My R5-BOOs arrived from ShopDisney and were both in pretty bad shape, due to how they were packed in the box. Gonna have to message them and complain. Instead of laying them flat in the box and placing the air bags on top, they did the opposite. So the cards were packed tightly on top of the uneven air bags. It bent the hell out of the card backs. Not happy.
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    I saw a few delivere dkike thatvonninstagram too. Very poor packing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antman View Post
    Big shout out to beagan for helping me acquire this spooky droid. Thanks!
    itto! I got mine on Friday. It came in better condition than things I've ordered on line. Love this droid.

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    They restocked them in the park yesterday. The best condition ones are in the launch bay gift shop. Plenty of build a droid parts there too.

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    Read the package desciption, & this is a sandcrawler droid, so I placed it in the 1st picture of my custom sandcrawler. Shows both sides of the droid.

    Google link so let me know if it doesn't show for everyone.
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