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Thread: R5-BOO19

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    That's one sweet droid. Inspired me to pick boo18 off ebay for $13 shipped.
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    Thanks to Scoundrel for getting this guy to me. Easily one of the best Disney holiday droids so far!
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    I'll have to swing over to Disney Springs sometime, whenever this is available. Though it's a bit of a drive for me to buy one droid, I'm not sure if I can time it just right to get this and whatever holiday droid comes out at the same time.

    I really like this "skeleton costume" deco on the R5!
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    This droid is great!
    I wasn't expecting him to glow in the dark too, so that's a happy bonus.
    I love the way the back panels are painted like an exaggerated version of the front, so he can be displayed in 'normal' or 'costume' modes.
    One of the best droid factory droids for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xjsn View Post
    To each their own! I really like the R7, R8, and R9 units. I feel like the diversity of droid appearances is neat and throughout the story upgrades and new models would show up. I am looking forward to Holiday droid with those "Legends" models. Fingers crossed!
    I too am a little more open minded when it comes to different styles, though R8 units look too much like a refuse container/trash bin. With that dome. I dig the R9 dome because while similar, it's also different at the same time. R6 is close enough to R5's to be acceptable.

    I'm actually glad that Disney even made them considering their stance on EU.

    Any idea when they plan to make this one available online, closer to Halloween?
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