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Thread: DT Luke

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    Quote Originally Posted by cichlidjedi View Post
    Toyman you going to leave him loose or are you getting him graded?
    He's already been sent off.

    Normally I don't grade however, the only thing that separates a 50 dollar figure from a 500 dollar figure is a 2 cent piece of plastic , when it comes to VCJ'S or DT sabers. . I need complete verification and proof. I also believe in documentation and records to validate pieces like this for insurance reasons.

    I know he's real. I had a couple of trusted sources at the show who looked him over. Afa told me they could have a quick check on it incase of a fake , per request. I told them I used my CC because of my buyer protection, and would have to make a claim right away if need be. All is good.
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    He's amazing condition! Looks real for sure from the photo's!

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    is this the one? when buying loose DTs always always take the inner out and see what the whole inner looks like. The repros look different. (Also measure it to make sure it's full length)

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