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Thread: If you go to Orlando, go here!!

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    If you go to Orlando, go here!!

    We were in Orlando on vacation so I looked up local toy shops.

    Glad I did.

    A hidden gem called Echo Base. All vintage toys. Star wars, G1 transformers, He-Man, GI Joe, Mask, Indy.

    The staff is great, friendly, and I bought a boxed creature cantina and short card super powers Robin.

    The best part is I'm pretty sure they will sustain because, it's a back room of his normal business as a print shop that stays pretty busy.

    Yes I get the irony of being able to print fake stuff however , I found nothing that looked brand new or consistent with re-cards or packing. In fact, most items are loose. Well, about half and half. He does sell gentle giant stuff as well.

    They also sent me to another store called orange tree antique mall. This place is huge, all indoors and loaded. In the center of the store is a booth with all antique toys. Some star wars, but a lot of mego, Big Jim, star trek, planet of the apes and old tin toys. Matchbox as well. The best part is you can bring your wife and let her look around while you dig into the toys. Lol.

    I pulled a mego batcave, batmobile, batman and superman. Also pulled a batman and Robin dairy queen topper set. All for less than 200 , and that included some things my wife picked out for herself. (Non toys)

    If you are in Orlando, these are must see shops.

    One other shop you can visit is called God's and Monster's. They have mostly new items and harder to find pieces. Some vintage peppered in here and there.

    I will be visiting both stores next year.

    They need to change the name Orlando to Toll-ANDO , there are tolls everywhere !!! This was the first year we just went shopping and hung out rather than going from park to park. Never really noticed all the tolls because they weren't on the beat path.
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    The Toyman COMETH!!!!! Awesome scores and finds!!! See that's why I will always prefer brick and motor over internet!!! It's like a toy Eater egg hunt! Nice Toyman!

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    Thanks man! I’ll check these shapes out the next time in in Orlando.
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    I forgot to mention, he actually had the Wonderbread He-Man
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    Was this the place that you got the Tusken and DT Luke from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach42 View Post
    Was this the place that you got the Tusken and DT Luke from?

    Tusken was ebay

    DT was at comic con

    I bought a boxed cantina and carded super friends Robin from echo base and some batman mego from the antique mall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyman941 View Post
    I forgot to mention, he actually had the Wonderbread He-Man
    As a Conan fan, that would be an awesome pickup. They go for a pretty decent amount in nice condition.

    Who is supposedly, actually, Conan. It was made for the upcoming cartoon series and was supposed to feature Conan (Robert E. Howard's creation). They had issues with the rights of use and it was therefore made into a generic cartoon to sell toys. I mean, come on — He-Man? How silly is that? Don't get me wrong, I loved the heck out of it, and was über-excited to recently pick up a nice Beast Man for a decent price to finish the villains I wanted (Skeletor, Trap Jaw, Beast Man).

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