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Thread: Galaxy Edge's Legacy Lightsaber Hilts

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    I agree the picture upload process could certainly be a little easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Ray View Post
    I saw a lot of folks with it this past week and I agree. TBH, I wasn't very impressed with any of the build your own sabers that I saw. I'm sure it's probably more about the experience, but they kind of just look like the build your own lightsabers that Hasbro sells, only with a better blade and electronics.
    While it is certainly an experience, the sabers are a far cry from the Hasbro ones. I was meh on the whole idea (I own and am happy with my Black Series sabers) but the quality, feel, weight, ability to customize, etc. after messing around with the saber my buddy built (power and control) has convinced me that I am going to get one in the future.

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    Pics do not do the Savi sabers Justice. There is a definite heft to them and feel very nice in hand. They look very nice in person too. The experience adds a attachment to the saber afte ryou build
    it too. Cheesy sounding I know but for me and a few others I’ve talked to it’s true. Like everything though it’s different for everyone.

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    The finish on the exterior parts on the build a saber does look really cheesy. Because of the way it's built they are all pretty oversized compared to BS or Legacy sabers. Although, the Tano hilts are huge. It's scaled for a 7' tall Tano.
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