^^^ All I can think of with all that odd spitting is maybe George was mocking/mimicking Richard Nixon’s characteristic jowl-shake???? But then I don’t get where the slobber/spit comes from… Is Boss Nass like a giant dumb, slobbering cartoon bulldog???? He comes off totally “special”. Brian must have thought he was doing another Flash Gordon with TPM— but for the kiddies. Flash was absolutely brilliant cheese, as was the entire cast. But that brand of high camp just doesn’t work for SW, no matter how kiddified George may have wanted the Prequel to be.

SW is filled with brilliant designs that sadly sometimes, sort of make little to no sense, when seen in action and in context of their scenes— but Boss Nass is just awfully useless in every aspect. One of my fav design is Boussh with a chained Chewbacca. It’s a great visual impact: How does this diminutive being able to dominate this huge beast… Then you watch the scene and it make zero sense LOL Boussh leads and tugs at this dinky chain that Chewbacca could have broken easily. Or, he could have wrapped that chain around Boussh easily and choked her to death. But he doesn’t do either, and she doesn’t seem to have any mind-control over him— other than it’s a B&D thing… No wonder Jabba saw through their silly act! But it’s such a gorgeous design— like most of TPM’s, that I can easily overlook the weak narrative context.

Frankly, if it weren’t for the best of its designs— which are untouchably brilliant 20-40+ years alter, none of us would be here.