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Thread: GG Millennium Falcon Statues?

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    GG Millennium Falcon Statues?

    I just saw the photos on Rebelscum new page of The OT Millennium Falcon and Solo Millennium Falcon statues from Gentle Giant. Being a focus collector, I am obviously very interested in these.

    I have been hoping to add some GG to my collection for a long time now, so these are quite exciting. They look well rendered.

    Can anyone share anything on them? Size, estimated price or a scheduled release date. Does the escape pod for the Solo version separate?

    Nice to see some high end releases. (After the disappointment of the QMX cutaway model and Hot-Toys 1:6 cockpit, I could do with a little cheering up. )
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    I'd be interested to know how big these will be. I don't expect them to be too big.

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    I saw this and immediately looked on youtube to see if it popped up in a video to gauge the scale. So far I haven't been able to find anything on them. It will be interesting to see if GG can produce them at both a good scale and a reasonable price point. Efx tried but I feel it was overpriced for the size. If it measures around a foot-long and is under 400 it would be a must-buy in my opinion.

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    I have NO idea what these are- they are not something we showed or have plans for....sorry!

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    Interesting. I wonder whose they are.

    The bases are definitely GG though.
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    It would seem that "Gentle Giant Studios" were there peddling their digital scanning services in addition to the "Gentle Giant Ltd" (Diamond) booth?

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