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    I bought around $1,300 worth of POTF coins from this guy last winter. All but one had been buffed out and mechanically altered to the point that AFA would not even grade them. This guy buys old beater coins and shines them up real nice. About the equivelant of using a marker to fill in nicks to cards. Makes you wonder about the rest of his items. I got my money back after about 4 months of ebay/paypal red tape. Watch out.

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    I am pretty sure this seller bought out the "Bucket Coins" from the big find in Kentucky. He has been re-selling them for a while after he cleans and polishes them up . Most of those coins were in extremely poor condition but there were many Yak Face and other high end coins in that find. You can read more about them on this POTF coin Facebook group and some other links on Rebelscum.
    Always looking for vintage store displays, vintage shipping boxes and Jawa items. My feedback Thread

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