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Thread: Places who will take an entire collection?

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    Question Places who will take an entire collection?

    Hi folks.

    Apologies for making this my first post here. Long time Star Wars fan, started collecting in the early-mid nineties, then lost interest in the 2000s when the deluge of Star Wars merchandise saturated the market. I have a pretty big Star Wars collection of modern figures, modern vehicles (opened and unopened), some vintage vehicles, model kits, collectibles, statues, random stuff (Toys'R'Us young Anakin Cracker Jacks, anyone?), and also a 6ftx4ft Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire. You can see pics of the collection here.

    I need to get this out of my garage and I do not have time to itemize each thing individually (nor does it make sense to do so I think.) I'm looking for people or places that would either buy up a collection like this and pay me a reasonable price for the whole lot (understanding that they'll pay less than if I were to take the time to sell it all myself directly), or take the lot and sell the pieces for me and take a cut for example.

    Are there any such places that you'd recommend I contact about this? Any of you interested?


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    Sell the vintage stuff off individually. I think you will find that it will be well worth your time to do so. The modern stuff isn't going to hold much value today, so you'll probably be better off selling that as a lot.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I forgot to mention I'm in the Atlanta, GA area, in case that helps.

    I did email with Brian's Toys, but they seem mostly interested in unopened things, not an entire collection like this one, and would want me to make an inventory of each individual item using their app (which I understand, but I just don't have the time, and their app was buggy for me.)

    I emailed a few other places, but no strong leads yet. One place here in Atlanta, Starbase Atlanta, has expressed interest, but they're busy with DragonCon prep. Unfortunately I cannot wait that long.

    I may be able to just take all the boxes with me overseas on my move. The 6' Falcon though would be a challenge!

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    Sent you a pm

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    I was going to suggest you contact local dealers, but sounds like you are already doing that. I recall a friend of mine that had an entire vintage G.I. Joe collection. He bought a table at the Joe-lanta(now Toy-lanta) convention and was planning on selling as much as he could. In the early morning hours as he was setting up he had a dealer come by and look over all his stuff. He gave him a lump sum for the whole collection. Doesn't sound like you have the time to wait for the next convention. Maybe you can widen your search and try to contact dealers maybe 1-2 hours away as well.

    Maybe try collecting groups on Facebook and see if you can get any leads. I believe there are some in the Altanta area.

    For the vintage stuff you may want to reach out to Retroblasting (aka Micheal French) they are in Atlanta. I'm sure he's very well connected in the collecting community and maybe he may have contacts of people/businesses who may be interested in bulk collections.

    Unfortunately, you're going to have to do some legwork no matter what you do.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I understand to do it right it requires time and effort, and I'm out of time unfortunately. I moved to the Netherlands and was able to get my SW stuff packaged up and shipped along with the rest of my things. I'll reassess my options to sell once I get settled in.

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