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Thread: Rutger Hauer, sadly, has passed.

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    Rutger Hauer, sadly, has passed.

    R.I.P. Mr. Hauer.

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    From Blade arunner to Hobo With a Shotgun and everything in amazing actor. Will truly be missed. Odd that I mentioned the luke stormtrooper looks like a young Rutger a few days ago...

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    Brilliant actor. Simply no two ways about it. He was a legend, his half IMPROVED tears in the rain moment in Blade Runner will forever go down as one of the most beautiful and moving speeches in film history.
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    Oh that's too bad, guess it's gonna be that way for everyone I grew up watching though.

    Always was one of my favorite actors, I'll truly miss his contributions the the big screen.

    may he RIP.
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    Sad news. Huge fan of the iconic Blade Runner, as well as his numerous other movies including The Hitcher, his small role in Batman Begins, etc.

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    Such an amazing presence.

    It’s a great loss to the film industry that such a powerful talent never got the career he deserved. But his parts in The Hitcher, Blade Runner and Ladyhawk will always be a highlight and those films wouldn’t be what they are without him. They were his films even if he may not have been the star— and that’s saying a lot when he can steal the spotlight from Michelle Pfeiffer at her prime.
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    Loved Rutger Hauer movies.
    He was in some great action movies from the action movie decade that was the '80's.
    From Nighthawks to Blade Runner to LadyHawke to The Hitcher to Wanted Dead or Alive he was on a roll.
    He was right up there with Arnie, Stallone, JCVD, Seagal etc.
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