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Thread: Luke Skywalker - Dark Empire (my ultimate version)

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    Luke Skywalker - Dark Empire (my ultimate version)

    Hi all,

    Ive been roaming these boards anonymously for over a decade now and been very impressed and inspired by all your wonderful works. Now Id like to introduce myself and start sharing some of my creations...

    I am 37, an artist and scientist from Germany and have been a lifelong fan. In 1993 or 1994 I first saw the Dave Dorman Cover from Dark Empire and got my hands on a copy as soon as it was published over here. I still think it is one of the best pieces of Star Wars ever published and I could go on forever how its influences are still very strong in the brand. But here we go...

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    Anybody got any clues why the pictures are all rotated in the thumbs?

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    For some reason, you have to re-size your pic (just hit “edit” and move it around a bit) before you upload, or Rebelscum’s photo tech will flip it upside-down or sideways. You have to do some kind of re-sizing for pics to upload face up! Btw, the Luke is cool, even in the ethereal plane!
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    I remember that Dark Horse cover, and your version does look JUST like it! I remember reading once that Dorman was George Lucas’ favorite EU Star Wars artist.
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    Very nice, I actually like those stories and their graphical style as well.
    And welcome aboard. I've not been here for long myself.
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    Dark Luke

    That is a fine custom, and welcome to the community.

    When I post I click "Reply".
    Then I click the "Go. Advanced". This gives you a bunch of editing options.
    Finally, I hit "Preview Post" which shows me what it will look like. From there I keep editing, move pictures around until I am happy. Finally, I hit "Submit Reply"
    You have a bit of time to edit you post so if you want to go back and delete, then resize your photos, then reupload them, you can.

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    Thanks for the welcoming, nice comments and the help...I flipped the pictures in my picture edit page, but nothing changed.

    In case you are interested in the recipe, it's - I think - parts from nine figures, ten if you count the lightsaber.

    Head - TVC Bespin Luke
    Collar - G.I. JOE Destro (I think)
    Torso, upper arms and lower belt - Comic Packs Dark Empire II Luke (Neck peg is a tad small, so i may pour some hot glue in the head)
    lower arms and hands - TVC Kylo Ren
    upper belt - Evolutions Darth Vader (or anniversary collection??)
    crotch - POTJ Concept Darth Maul
    Legs - POTF2 Expanded Universe Dark Empire Luke
    Lightsaber - Rebels Luke Skywalker

    The two parts of soft goods
    Skirt - Some Vader (i think Anniversary Collection, ANH Vader with Hayden head
    Cloak - TVC Darth Sidious but i cut off the sleeves and opened the chest up

    I only painted the beltbuckle from the Dark Empire II Luke, the collar and the lightsaber hilt.
    I like the different shades of black here, and do not mind that the legs are not articulated (apart from the hips), the POTF2 EU Luke legs have really shiny boots and the knees are more like the Cam Kennedy art, than the comic packs version...which are far too short for Mark Hamill anyways...I was afraid using these legs, Luke may stand taller than canon Lukes, but he is actually almost identical in height (in my head canon, Dark Luke wears lifts anyways )

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    The pics are turned the right way now
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    That Luke looks great. Just like on the cover!!
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