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    Wanted: TVC

    Hey guys; as I've only recently decided to start a small collection of TVC (focusing solely on Jabba's goons); I'm seeking a few figures that came and went years before I had interest in this line. I'm looking for MOC examples as I'm not an opener. Here's a complete list of what I'm seeking:

    1. Wooof
    2. Weequay (Skiff Master)
    3. Kithaba
    4. Nikto
    5. Weequay

    My son was born on the fourth of July and as such I am FLAT BROKE; so right now I'm looking to trade. Here's a list of some of my trade items:

    Gentle Giant ROTJ Emperor Palpatine Bust
    Gentle Giant McQuarrie Snowtrooper Bust
    Attakus Elite Collection 1/10 TIE Fighter Pilot
    Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot
    ArtFX+ Captain Phasma
    ArtFX+ Snowtrooper and Flame Trooper set
    ArtFX+ First Order Stormtrooper single pack

    All listed items have their boxes and associated paper work, etc. included. None have been displayed; only opened to ensure no damage and such; from a smoke-free home. Let me know if we can make a trade and thanks for looking!
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    Sent pm....

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