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Thread: Thor 4 - Love and Thunder

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    I have -zero- interest in 'Eternals'. it's not a comic that I ever read as a kid,
    I have no investment in the characters, I could literally take it or leave it.
    but.. X-men? Fantastic Four? they had me at hello. I'm already on board.

    honestly, why even bother with Eternals? was this planned before the Fox buyout?
    if so, then CANCEL those plans. FFS.... "Xmen... Fantastic Four..." HELLO!! these should take TOP priority.

    comparatively speaking, who gives a **** about Eternals? why is this even going forward? there are bigger fish to fry.
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    Because I think those movies are further off than they would like, and need filler. Due to contractual obligations those characters cannot be used until a certain time, right?

    The early part of Phase 4 to me is meh, at least what's on tap so far for 20/21. So if something isn't announced by beginning of 20 for something I follow, then the next few years will be a wash.
    Sure I'll probably watch Falcon & Winter Soldier, but may wait until Blu-Ray and just buy it. GOTG3 looks to be a few years away.

    Personally I'd rather see a Movie about the Starjammers than the Eternals. But that's just me. Also haven't heard anything on the future of Deadpool, or X-Force/X-Factor.
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    I agree with nearly every word you guys said. I have little to no interest in Eternals. When I don't know much of anything about a Marvel comic book, that SAYS something. That is obscure obscure! I can sincerely say, I know little to nothing about them. I've been researching them and frankly, I've come to a similar conclusion: It feels like Inhumans Plan B, as they didn't work out for a film and the TV show was botched, they seem to share a lot in common. Then secondly, I feel like this is being pushed simply just to beat out DC doing New Gods, because they're entirely what Eternals is to Marvel. I mean Kirby made both and frankly, since in the 70's he was flip-flopping between Marvel and DC all the time, it would appear he started ripping off his own ideas. But honestly, it's the one I'm least interested in. It's not necessarily the one I'm most worried about, I just don't really care. Plus there's the fact that outside of three characters, literally every role has been gender swapped, race swapped, or both. Literally 75% of the cast does not reflect their comic character. While that can work successfully, come on. When it's THAT extreme, that seems more a gimmick than actually choosing the right actors for the part. When I saw Kumail Nanjiani on the casting list, I was so confused. Surely that's a joke. Now I understand comedians can do serious roles, he was incredible on the new Twilight Zone, but this is Marvel we're talking about. No two ways about it, he'll be an obnoxiously comedic character.

    Just like I'd have much preferred a Valkyrie movie as opposed to a Jane Foster female Thor movie, I ALSO agree I'd MUCH prefer a Starjammers as opposed to Eternals. Starjammers has a LOT of staying power. Firstly, you can intro them in Guardians. Then you can intro them to X-Men. Then you can cross over all three! Lots of potential there. FAR more than with Eternals if you ask me, but I assume they're being introduced to have some sort of role in What If and a multiverse being introduced?

    And honestly, I'm not going to lie...but I did make a joke that went over fairly well. With how obscure Eternals is, what's next? Devil Dinosaur? ...but of course, it won't be a T-Rex. That's toxic masculinity. It'll now be a Triceratops because DIVERSITY. I couldn't help myself. =p

    With Guardians, I get its delay. There was that whole James Gunn lynching that, really, should have been the first sign of the MCU getting a bit too "woke agenda" and less "let's tell the best story possible." But like I said, I still see a LOT of potential good movies in the Phase 4 announcements too.
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