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Thread: No love for Dagobah ?

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    If they ever produce a Yoda Origin story there goes the cheap Dagobah play sets!!!!

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    I had one as a kid disappeared sometime in one of the moves. But my complaint as a kid 50% of the play set was not really assessable. Would have been better if it could have opened up
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    Yoda is still my favorite Force and would have aimed to get the Canadian TVC exclusive "Return of the Jedi" variant if I had the money. An might have even aimed for the vintage Canadian variants, as per my current collecting goals. But VideoViper is right. The exterior is a great when it comes to playing or displaying, but they made the interior hard to use. Because of it, and at least for me, it comes off as more of a 'focus-based' collectible than something other playsets have become.
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    I still have the one my friend left me when we were kids. The foam is gone, but it sits next to my xwing with Yoda. I hope if the Retros come out for Empire we get another Dagobah Luke and R2
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    I picked up the top half of the playset at a garage sale for $5, hoping I could track down the base...after closer inspection though, there are a couple broken bits and pieces. I'll track down the entire set at some point, but I think all the moving parts might actually be a deterrent for some collectors. Getting everything in one shot is ideal with something like this, and if a buyer cant do that, they may skip it altogether, which might example the surplus.

    I'm thinking the tree / hut will be good for customizing purposes though.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the low prices are because of missing pieces, like the crates & the tube-piece used to levitate R2. Even more likely is if there are any that still have an intact swamp. I had two Dagobah sets as a kid, and in both cases the brown foam "mud" broke down over time (whether or not storing it in the crawlspace, which could get really hot in summers, also played a factor in this, I'm not sure).

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    Actually besides the foam, these are complete and boxed. I went to comic con in Tampa and found a guy with nothing but vintage. He had high prices on everything. Great guy and negotiated everything, and willing to come down on all prices. He just started high and came down.

    Anyway, he did have alot and dagobah was the only one with a low price. He was selling a droid factory for 200. It sold. Dagobah was well under 100 , complete and boxed. No takers.

    You can buy a boxed complete right now on ebay for 60. No foam though
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