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    Hot Toys Jedi Starfighter

    No good pics leaked yet other than this instagram posting.

    Now keep in mind that this is very likely just for display purposes only and may never be offered for sale, just like the Falcon cockpit, ATST, TIE Fighter, etc.

    It's probably just to promote all the awesome prequel-era figures on display this year (see the other new threads posted).
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    As with the other bits, this looks awesome. Very nicely done. I hope they’ll release it for sale as I think these are cool.

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    * From Yoda's News

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    That is sweet!
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    I'd buy this in a heartbeat, but like all their other SW 1/6 vehicle teases, I doubt it'll ever be produced.

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    notice the card says nothing about price or release; just another display that will never see the light of day

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    I'd buy it ! Supposedly this one is currently just a display piece. But HT also wanted to gauge interest in having it made. Would be ****** for sure !

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