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Thread: Hot Toys Solo: A SW Story Darth Maul

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    Hot Toys Solo: A SW Story Darth Maul

    Yet another Maul being released.

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    Cool to get a better look at his costume in Solo. I'm surprised it's actually much closer to his TPM threads than it seems in the film. That holo effect obscured much and the blue lighting made me read the outfit's colour as grey, not black.

    Man, those lightsaber blades in motion are awesome. Hint, Hasbro =)
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    Such an unexpected and obvious move at the same time from Hot Toys. Nailed the scult. Now, if only they would consider Lando and the couple troopers they showed proto of, this Solo line up would be even greater.

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    Interesting choice of a figure but I will pass. Never really agreed with the whole cut in half and fall down a shaft survive theory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock View Post
    Never really agreed with the whole cut in half and fall down a shaft survive theory.
    Agreed. Now cutting off a hand and falling down a shaft and surviving...totally plausible.

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    I have the TPM one on pre-order so I can skip this, but it looks nice.
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    Maul sells so it makes sense.

    Just wouldn't think he'd be made so soon.
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    I'll pass on this, but would have bought Qi'ra and Young Lando from Solo without hesitation. Sigh...
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    thought he looked awesome in Solo,
    and now HT will make him
    will buy
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