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Thread: FS: Luke Skywalker RotJ "Prodigal Son" lightsaber hilt

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    FS: Luke Skywalker RotJ "Prodigal Son" lightsaber hilt

    UPDATE: I've added a Luke RotJ v2 resin cast hilt to the deal. See below for pictures.

    Selling an empty Luke RotJ replica from Saberforge (their older "Prodigal Son" model). It's been sitting on my bookcase since I bought it three years ago. I don't know how to gauge condition among prop collectors, but it's been handled minimally; the only real issue that I could notice was a light scratch to the finish that could probably be buffed or polished out. See pics below.

    The hilt is glued together except for the pommel cap (it came that way), but it's hollow and I'm sure someone with some electronics know-how could figure out how to install some lights and sound.

    I'm asking for $125 shipped in the US for both the Prodigal Son hilt and a resin cast Luke RotJ v2 hilt. PM me for more details.


    The earlier Saberforge Prodigal Son models didn't have lights built into the control box; the details were painted on.

    A close-up of the scratch I mentioned. It's really only noticeable if you know where to look.

    Resin cast Luke v2 saber hilt (below) with the Prodigal Son hilt (and 3.75" figure for scale).
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    FS: Prodigal Son empty hilt & RotJ v2 resin cast hilt

    Bump with an update! Get both the Prodigal Son empty and resin cast RotJ v2 hilt for less than the current price of the empty hilt!

    Here are some pics of both saber hilts with a 3.75" figure for scale.

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