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Thread: Guide: Matchbox's Jurassic World Line (2018-2019)

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    It looks like we're getting a clean version of Jeep 10 as part of another Jeep-themed subline.

    I wonder if this means the final wave of die cast vehicles (like the black Unimog) are a no-go, or whether we'll still get the muddy Jeep 10.
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    Matchbox does a jeep themed specialty series about once a year. It was probably the best way to get the clean Jeep 10 out without doing another wave or 5 pack. The jeep waves are usually Walmart exclusives if I remember correctly, which royally sucks, cuz it will be impossible to find.
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    My Walmart is usually pretty good at restocking the exclusives. They kept the Jeep, Ford and Chevrolet ones in good supply.

    The only one they faltered on was the Mercedes series (they restocked it exactly once), and they've also never had any of the Jeep, Ford, Chevy or Mercedes five-packs, which sucks because that ended up being the only way to get the slightly redone, maroon G 550 without the bull bars; for some reason, Matchbox canceled the single release of that vehicle despite the Mercedes series supposedly being its debut.

    I already ordered two of these Jeep 10s off of eBay, anyway, so it isn't a big deal if this Walmart falters on the second Jeep series like they did the Mercedes one.

    I do still hope we get the final Jurassic Park wave. I really want that black Unimog and the crushed Explorer.
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    I'd kind of like Matchbox versions of some of the Kenner vehicles. If Hot Wheels can do the Real Ghostbusters version of Ecto-1, Matchbox can do these, most of them with a minimum of fuss.

    Bush Devil Tracker (JP27). At most, it'd require a new roll bar plus the snare thing on the right side. One could argue it also needs the doors removed, but, eh, that didn't stop Mattel with the Jurassic World InGen Humvee.

    Possibly with an alt. coloring like its unreleased 1994 reissue. It'd be a nice chase version and shout out to 90s kids who never got this thing.

    (Possibly) the Jungle Explorer. Easy enough to do a numberless Explorer with black hubcaps.

    Like the Bush Devil Tracker, it was going to be reissued in new colors, but this got canceled. This too could be a fun chase vehicle.

    Ground Tracker. This one would require a bit more reworking of the existing ML320 casting.
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    New Sky Busters. A Chinook, what Matchbox calls "Private Jet" and an Agusta A-109. Could it be these will be these?

    InGen Boeing-Vertol 234LR

    The Kirby family's Beechcraft Super King Air 500

    Hammond's Agusta A-109A Hirundo
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    Well, the dude demanding $50-$99 for the crushed Ford Explorer(s) did at least get back to me about its number. It's 6/24.

    2019 Dino Rivals Basic Line:
    2. 1993 Jeep Wrangler #18 (straight reissue)
    3. 2010 Textron Tiger (straight reissue)
    4. Humvee (new green version with bull bars)
    5. Fleetwood Southwind RV (new green camouflage version)
    6. 1993 Ford Explorer #4 (new crushed version)
    7. 1997 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 1300 (new)
    8. 2015 Triumph Scrambler (straight reissue)
    9. Off-Road Rescue Rig (new blue, brown and muddy version)
    10. Armored Action Truck (reissue of the dark gray five-pack version)
    12. 1993 Ford Explorer #4 (straight reissue)
    13. Gyrosphere (straight reissue)
    15. 1998 Cagiva Canyon 500 (new)
    16. 1993 Jeep Wrangler #12 (new muddy version)
    17. 1997 Mercedes-Benz ML 320 A.A.V. (new)
    18. InGen 4x4 (new)
    19. Armored Action Transporter (straight reissue)
    21. Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 (new muddy version)
    22. 1997 Mercedes-Benz ML 320 (straight reissue)
    23. 1993 Ford Explorer #5 (straight reissue)

    One down. Five more to go. What we know is coming:

    ?. Deep-Dive Submarine (straight reissue)
    ?. 1993 Jeep Wrangler #10 (new muddy version)
    ?. Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5020 (new black version)

    That still leaves two vehicles unaccounted for. Any speculation on what they'll be? Reissues? Recolors? New castings/toolings? If so, what? The third ML 320 ("Fontana")?
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    Out of sheer boredom, here's my little guide to the previous Jurassic Park-themed lines done by Matchbox, beginning with the very first. Released in 1997 to coincide withthe merchandising blitz that haralded the release of The Lost World: Jurassic Park in theaters, Matchbox's Lost World line was park of their Action System series and featured vehicles from or "inspired by" the movie (mostly the latter). It consisted of three distinct sub-lines (Trapper/Trackers, Rage Rigs and playsets) and represents one of only two Matchbox lines dedicated to a single film and not the overall franchise.

    Incidentally, this coincided with Mattel's purchase of Tyco that year. Tyco had been the owner of the Matchbox brand since 1992. That probably doesn't mean anything, I just thought it was interesting.

    These vehicles were mostly intended to emulate what most kids at the time probably loved the most about the film, the roundup scene. Despite the fact that this was perpetrated by the film's villains, the concept of pursuing and capturing dinosaurs had been a staple of any Jurassic Park toy line since its inception. Even before the second film came out, there was a big emphasis in Kenner's seminal toy line (with characters like the Evil Raiders), video games like SNES' Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues (where you play as Grant and return to Isla Nublar to prevent Biosyn from exploiting the dinosaurs) and a few issues of Topps' comic series.

    1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park Series:

    1. Skip Truck
    2. Rescue Truck
    3. Chopper
    4. Humvee
    5. 4x4
    6. Hook Truck

    Rage Rigs:
    7. Rage Rig with Wrecking Tyrannosaurus
    8. Rage Rig with Raging Stegosaurus

    Site B Action System Playsets:
    9. Fuel Depot with Humvee pack-in vehicle
    10. Garage with 4x4 pack-in vehicle


    The basic carded line. Each set consisted of a die cast vehicle and two or more metal figurines of dinosaurs and/or humans. Only three represent specific vehicles from the movie, and out of all six vehicles only one was a new casting. Also, at least two had completely different names in promotional material than they did when actually released. Another defining feature is that they all featured the movie logo plastered on them somewhere.

    1/10 - Skip Truck

    The Ford Cargo debuted in 1997 when Matchbox was still owned by Universal Toys, who'd acquired the brand from Lesney in 1982. It was originally a construction-themed vehicle used for on-site garbage disposal, featuring a tilting dumpster that could be raised and lowered from the truck bed. Released here as simply "Skip Truck" with any connections to Ford omitted (although the oval is still visible on the grill), it kept the tilting arms but substituted the dumpster with a cage that could be raised and lowered of a very small dinosaur that came with it. In addish to the garish green camo and hazard livery, it featured a sticker of the movie logo on top of the cab.

    It was re-released in this configuration (i.e. with cage in lieu of the dumpster) two more times; later in 1997 with tan and green camo as part of a safari-themed two-pack, and for a final time in 1999 colored red as a circus truck.

    It came with two figurines, one of Ian Malcolm (looking more like he did in the first film, sunglasses and all) and a baby Tyrannosaurus.


    2/10 - Rescue Truck

    Ah, the Unimog. A staple of the Jurassic Park series, beginning with this movie (despite being relegated entirely to the background). And despite its completely generic name, it is, obviously, a Unimog, specifically Matchbox's 1983 casting of one with a snow plot. Which they left on it for some reason. I have no idea why. What good is a snow plow on a thickly-forested island? I have hilarious mental images of this thing being halted by the plow blade hitting tree stumps. The only new thing is the open-topped container in the truck bed which featured a hinged tailgate and a winch. Plow aside, the vehicle appears to be an amalgamation of the two Unimogs used by the hunters in the movie: the body length and cab recall the U 1300, while the container is reminiscent of the U 2450 L/38. It's colored in green and designated as vehicle no. 10.

    Despite the Unimogs being hunter vehicles in the movie, as its name implies, the Rescue Truck is a heroic vehicle here, and consequently it comes with a figure of Nick Van Owen, along with a baby Stegosaurus.

    Now, the name. Although released as just "Rescue Truck," early indications were that it was actually going to be released under its actual make and model names, unlike the Ford Cargo. Cardbacks exist showing it referred to as "Mercedes Unimog." I have no idea why Matchbox did this. Mercedes-Benz didn't shy away from the Lost World merchandising blitz, and AFAIK, Tyco still had the Mercedes license, as they continued producing Mercedes vehicles until they got bought out by Mattel.


    3/10 - Chopper

    The Mission Helicopter (released here as simply "Chopper") is one of Matchbox's oldest and most faithful workhorses. Featuring a retractable tail and folding rotor blades (the better to cram it into smaller card bubbles), the most interesting thing about this casting is what it's clearly based on.

    Braddock: What do they call that thing? An ear buster?
    Icelan: The Special. But somebody hung a nickname on it.
    Murphy: What?
    Icelan: Somebody hung a nickname on it! Blue Thunder!

    Yes, it's obviously based on the modified Aérospatiale Gazelle used in the movie Blue Thunder, just with one less rotor blade (Gazelles have three). As far as I'm aware, this was unlicensed. Although it was produced in 1985 when Universal Toys had the brand, and not only am I uncertain if they are (were?) connected with Universal Studios in any way, Blue Thunder was a Columbia release, not a Universal release, and despite obviously being "The Special" from Blue Thunder, it was never, ever marketed by Matchbox as that. Shenanigans!

    For its Lost World release, the Mission Helicopter was colored black with a yellow-tinted cockpit bubble (complete with the movie logo sticker) and had added missile launchers (probably firing "blood sample missiles" like Kenner's Jungle Explorer) and a big, frankly cartoonish-looking grabby claw. Despite this very aggressive appearance, it's apparently another good guy vehicle since the human it comes with is Eddie Carr (!). The included dino is a somewhat undersized Parasaurolophus.


    4/10 - Humvee

    Back to vehicles actualy intended to represent ones from the film, here we have yet another old Matchbox workhorse, the Humvee. It's the only brand name vehicle in this line identified by its actual model, and represents Matchbox's original sin of using a military-spec AM General HMMWV to represent a civilian Hummer. As I've ranted about before, the hunters did not use Humvees, they used then brand new Hummers. Like the Rescue Truck, this appears to be an amalgamation of two different vehicles used by the hunters in the film. It has four doors like the one with the cage on the rear that makes the introductory jump, but has the padded scissor mechanism (called the "Dino Pursuit Claw" on Kenner's Humvee toy - yes, they made the same mistake as Tyco). However, it's missing what Kenner identifies as "Stampede Seats," the Hatari!-style chairs that swing out on jointed arms. It's designated as vehicle no. 17.

    Unlike the Rescue Truck, this vehicle is actually intended to be a hunter vehicle, and not just because it features the InGen logo on it (along with that persistent movie logo on the trunk lid), but also because its included human figure is Roland Tembo. The included dino is a Velociraptor, a dinosaur that never encountered Roland or was present in the roundup sequence featuring the vehicle this thing is emulating.

    It's a serviceable enough depiction of the "Snagger" from the film, and worth getting because unless Mattel does one as a Real Working Rig and adds the seats as well, I think this is the only attempt at the "Snagger" we're ever going to get.


    5/10 - 4x4

    The only new casting done for the Tracker/Trappers, this is obviously one of the Mercedes ML320s used by the good guys. It roughly represents "Fontana," given the fully enclosoed rear and side-mounted toolboxes, but the rear viewing bubble has been replaced with a turret that the human figures can bbe stuck into. It also features pivoting claw-like grabby whatsits which Fontana didn't have. It comes with Eddie again (what? No Sarah? Why?) and a Pachycephalosaurus.

    Like the Unimog, it had its name on the card changed between promotions and the actual release; some cardbacks call it "Mercedes A.A.V.," while the final release just calls it "4x4," and although it features some kind of logo on the grill, it's completely generic and all connections to Mercedes-Benz have been severed. And as with the Unimog/Rescue Truck, I have no idea why Tyco did this. They reused Universal and Lesney's previous Mercedes-Benz castings with no problems, and made plenty of their own during their stewardship of the Matchbox brand, so why did they avoid all mentions of Mercedes for this particular toy line, including reducing the ML320 to a generic casting? All I can figure is that since they did The Lost World toys the same year they acquired Matchbox, there were some behind the scenes difficulties with some licenses as a result of the change in ownership, and while it last only briefly, the Lost World line unfortunately came out during that brief period where Tyco's use of the Mercedes license was in doubt, so they played it safe, releasing the Unimog and ML320 as generics.

    Aside from a modified version in one of the playsets (more on this later), it was a one and done; Matchbox never reused it, either under Tyco's ownership or Mattel's later on. I have mixed feelings about this. At the time, it was the only representation of this vehicle in die cast in this scale, but it looks and feels kinda cheap in execution. It's just a solid hunk of metal with no interior (the windows are all painted black), the wheels are too large for my liking, and overall it just feels too... toyetic. A strange thing to say about a toy, yes, but other Matchbox vehicles, including the ones in this very line, don't feel as cheap and clunky as the "4x4". It looks less like something Matchbox would release to the mass market on a card and more like something that'd come in a clear plastic bag as a kid's meal toy. Still, it is what it is, and at the time I would've been glad to have it if I'd ever gotten it (for some reason, the only one of these I ever owned was the Skip Truck), but it's since been surpassed, not only by other Matchbox attempts at M-Klasse vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz ML430 released in 2000, but also the two ML320s Mattel has given us which are far better representations of the movie vehicles than this thing.

    At present, the only real reason to get this is because it (more or less) represents A.A.V. Fontana, which is the one ML320 Matchbox hasn't done yet. But if and when they do, then the 1997 Tracker/Trapper 4x4 can safely be relegated to the dust bin of history. But I'll nevertheless always appreciciate it, because, its various problems aside, it does have a certain quirky, clunky charm to it that I find endearing.

    And no, despite having a trailer hitch, no trailers were released in the Lost World line for it to pull.


    6/10 - Hook Truck

    And lastly, we have yet another familiar old Matchbox workhorse, the Chevrolet Breakdown Van. Essentially, it's a Chevy Astro converted into a tow truck. One of Universal's odder choices to make. If a tow truck, why an Astro which IRL would need to be chopped and converted to have the towing hook and arm installed? And if an Astro, why a tow truck and not the more common ordinary van version everyone was familiar with back in the 80s? Whatever. This is definitely the weirdest choice for a vehicle to include in this line. Even with the modified hook, different from the regular release(s), I'm not sure that this is really a good way to haul a captured dinosaur, even a small one. And that is what it's intended to be used for, too; "Haul away raptor with hook!" blares the card art. What. Anyway, I have nothing else to say about this vehicle except that it included a figure of Dieter Stark and a raptor, and was released twice more with the modified hook before Matchbox discontinued the casting in (or at least hasn't used it since) 2001.

    Next: Rage Rigs! And, yes, I aware that I did #/10 and not #/6 for the Tracker/Trappers. The cardbacks list the six Tracker/Trappers, two Rage Rigs and two playsets as 1-10 uninterrupted.
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    Rage Rigs:
    Precursors to the Dino Transporters, these were two larger size transport trucks akin to Real Working Rigs that were packaged in a very eye-catching curved, cardboard-framed plastic bubble configuration.

    Both appear to be generic, and neither are based on anything used by either the gatherers or the hunters in the film, but they still looked pretty cool. Neither had an individual model name, despite being distinctly different from one another; they're just "Rage Rig with [insert dino name here]." Like the Tracker/Trackers, they both came with die cast figurines and dinosaurs and action features for added play value. However, there's a problem, specifically that the dinosaurs aren't removable. Read on.

    7/10 - Rage Rig with Wrecking Tyrannosaurus

    The first rig is a big crew cab style transport vehicle that reminds me distinctly of a modified fire engine for some reason. Anyway, it's the larger of the two and features what I assume is the father T-rex based on the green coloring in possibly the worst containment area ever - completely open at the top, front and rear! Yes, according to the warning sides, the sides are electrified, but still. And what's even sillier is that they only come up to Daddy Rex's knees. This reminds me of the pitiful enclosure that Jim Venkman thought would contain Hob Anagarak in The Real Ghostbusters.

    Electrified or not, all he's gotta is swing one leg over that short fence and he's outta there (which - spoiler! - is exactly what happens).

    The truck's cab is hollow and open and the human figure(s) stick out of the top. According to the box, you pivot it by the tail so that it dips forward, open-mouthed, to bite at the human poking out of the cab. Unfortunately, due to this play feature, the Tyrannosaurus figure is not removable; there's no way to have the truck sans dinosaur or vice versa without intentionally breaking it.

    Anyway, aside from the non-removable Papa Rex, the set includes the baby one, Dieter Stark (looking more like Eddie Carr with that hairline) and a Parasaurolophus.

    In terms of availability on the secondary market, because of the lack of (intentionally) break-away parts, this is the one that's easiest to find intact loose. However, it's more than not missing the U-shaped frame around the top of the cab and at least one of the rear side walls.

    8/10 - Rage Rig with Raging Stegosaurus

    At least this one has higher walls that I can buy would contain that Stego! This one features a break-away feature. The mommy Stego actually has one corner of the truck cab in her mouth, and when you pull her tail to the vehicle's right, she snaps 'round and two thinks happen. Because the left side of the cab is attached to her mouth, she rips it away, and, as she turns, she also knocks down the walls which are hinged to do so, simulating her escape. This is a bit more functional and interesting than the Wrecking Tyrannosaurus version, and, in fact, I think their names should've been switched; the most the T-rex does is pivot forward to bite Dieter, so he should've been the Raging Tyrannosaurus, because his action feature doesn't involve him damaging the truck; conversely, the Stegosaurus should've been the Wrecking Stegosaurus because her action feature does involve breaking the truck. Like the T-rex, she isn't removable from the rear due to the action feature.

    The figures this set includes are Ian Malcolm again, a baby Stegosaurus and a Ppachycephalosaurus. I'm not sure why Ian comes with this truck. The InGen logo means it's a hunter vehicle. Maybe the idea is that Malcolm is supposed to help Mrs. Stego break free? I dunno.

    This one is harder to find on the second market. Although it isn't meant to come apart, the hinges on the collapsible walls break easily, and the break-away portion of the cab is held in the dinosaur's mouth by one teeny corner, so it is also easily snapped free. It's common to find this Rage Rig missing the walls and with the break-away cab piece detached from the Stego's mouth, and in that event it's a 50/50 chance it isn't included, meaning the loose truck often has a permanently damaged cab with a big, gaping chunk missing.

    Neither Rage Rig was ever reissued or use for anything else. Like the Tracker/Trapper 4x4, they're one-offs.

    Next! Playsets!
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    Re: The first Rage Rig, apparently it's based on the Tatra T813 trucks used in the Sega game, just with two wheels removed.
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