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Thread: Guide: Matchbox's Jurassic World Line (2018-2019)

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    Until then, enjoy some of John Bell's concept art of the vehicles from the first film, courtesy of Amblin Road's interview with Mr. Bell, starting with the Explorer(s):

    Bell's artwork indicates that the Explorers were originally supposed to have a Brachiosaurus emblem on the hood, and the sunroof was originally intended to be retractable, and it also appears that John Hammond's name was originally going to be on the front windows, likely in frosted glass. Also note the conspicuous video camera mounted on the rear passenger side. I don't remember that being on the movie... but:

    Now you know why Kenner's version had one! Albeit on the driver's side for some reason.

    And here's concept art for a basic canopied Wangler that we never got in the final film, JP05:

    Other than there never being a Jeep 05 in the movie, it appears that the Wranglers changed very little from concept to finished vehicles in the movie. This configuration (light bar with lights plus canopy) appears to have been the basis for JP12, Nedry's Jeep.

    And lastly, the Agusta A-109A which transports everyone to the island and rescues them at the end:

    Odd proportions aside (it sure is small for an A-109), it has different registration and slightly different livery. In the movie, the helicopter's registration is N293G, not N-2254, and if you look closely it actually says InGen Construction, not InGen Corporation as it does here. In the movie, the more specific "InGen Construction" livery is a nod to the novel where it is in fact a VIP chopper (of unidentified make) from InGen's construction subsidiary still building the park that flies the guests to Isla Nublar).

    Trivia: The specific Agustua A-109A Hirundo used in the movie was in reality reg. N233G (N293G was a false registration added for the movie) and it crashed IRL in 2001 in Hawaii.

    This is similar to the loss of another memorable movie helicopter, N230CA Bell 206B JetRanger III, used in such 80s and 90s action films as Lethal Weapon, Darkman, Commando, Blue Thunder and Uncommon Valor, which crashed in 2005 shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

    Chasing Rianne Murtaugh in the limo in Lethal Weapon:

    In Strack Industries livery, used by the evil construction tycoon's henchmen to try and kill Liam Neeson as the title character in Darkman:

    OT, I know, but it's sad when screen-used vehicles come to such bad ends IRL... and get back on topic, I'm sorry to report most of the vehicles from the Jurassic Park series pre-2000s haven't come to good ends, either.
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    While I would've preferred going into this knowing what number(s) out of 24 the black Unimog, the reissued Deep-Dive Submarine, Jeep 10 and the crushed Explorer are, I'm gonna soldier ahead regardless. This guide will be completed eventually, come hell or high water.


    2019 Dino Rivals

    Interestingly, it's only called Dino Rivals on the box art for the five-packs and the Dino Transporters, but not these single-carded releases. Whatever.

    1/24 - ?

    Currently unknown.


    2/24 - '93 Jeep Wrangler #18

    This is just a reissue of the Legacy JP18. No changes, as far as I'm aware. Which as noted previously is the Jeep used by Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm in the first movie when they arrive on the island. The first of quite a few reissues and repaints, now that I think about it. I won't argue about whether this is a wasted slot or not, especially considering the Legacy series was a Target exclusive, and, theoretically, releasing vehicles like Jeep 18 in the main line makes them easier for people to get... but that's based on the seemingly logical but ultimately foolhardy assumption that the Matchbox Dino Rivals line is as widely-available at retail as the 2018 series was, which, in my personal experience at three different Walmarts and two different Targets, it is in fact not. Seriously, Mattel, what the heck? Where are these?


    3/24 - '10 Textron Tiger

    Reissue of last year's Textron Tiger. Now this is a wasted slot. I'm sorry. I like the Tiger armored car as much as anyone, but we saw it a lot already last year. It was available in two colors in the main line and in the Battle Damage line, and in three different five-packs. What's especially annoying is that it was in the main line's first wave... and now here it is again in Dino Rivals' first wave. Or at least it would be annoying if these were anywhere to be seen and this thing was clogging the pegs. Which it isn't, because the Matchbox Dino Rivals line is a no-show at retail everywhere I go. Grrr. Anyway, as noted previously, it's Matchbox's take on the InGen soldiers' 2019 Textron Marine & Land Systems Tiger armored car from Jurassic World.


    4/24 - Humvee

    Finally, something new-ish! This is another reuse of Matchbox's old Humvee mold (previously used to represent the Jurassic World InGen AM General HMMWV M1025), but not only is it done in green instead of gray with some mud splash deco, it also has added bull bars around the grill and headlights, a first for this casting, I believe. Given the green coloring, I'm going to assume it's meant to represent a hunter vehicle from The Lost World. But, at the risk of repeating myself, they didn't use AM General HMMWVs, but tricked out civilian Hummers. The closest this thing comes to representing is the hunters' 1992 Hummer HMC4.

    Weirdly, on the card art, it shows the InGen logo on the front doors, whereas it's in the same spot as last year's InGen Humvee, behind the back doors on the sides.

    For what it's worth, the screen-used vehicle doesn't appear to have the logo on it anywhere.


    5/24 - Fleetwood Southwind RV

    A recolor, but one that isn't a wasted slot. As mentioned before, Matchbox's Legacy take on the gatherer's 1996 Fleetwood Southwind Storm mobile command center was done in the wrong shade of camo, a weird kind of brownish gray vs. the Mercedes A.A.V.s' more green coloring. This re-release fixes the error. Admittedly, one I wish hadn't been made in the first place, but, eh, what're you gonna do?


    6/24 - ?

    Also currently unknown.


    7/24 - '97 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 1300

    A very welcome new vehicle! Unimogs have been a staple of the Jurassic Park franchise ever since The Lost World, and that's specifically what this beast is from! It's a pretty decent representation of of the more noticeable InGen hunter background vehicles, the 1997 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 1300, glimpsed briefly during the roundup sequence.

    Matchbox did make an attempt to do this vehicle back in 1997, but just reused an old basic Unimog casting that may or may not have even been a U 1300. And it had a snowplow on the front for some reason (because most of Matchbox's Unimogs back in the day were released as plow vehicles and they didn't bother removing the plot for the Lost World version of the toy). This, thankfully, is an all-new casting of a 1997 U 1300 with all the trimmings the one(s) in the movie had. Mostly. It's missing the lights mounted on the top corners of the windshield, and also the snorkel is on the wrong side (!).

    A better look at one of the screen-used trucks on set.

    There seem to have been two. One with the "Gen" part of "InGen" in black over a white "In," seen just above, and another with both parts of the logo in white as seen in the film. Matchbox replicates the former.

    Interestingly, according to the concept art for the truck(s), the rear observation platform was apparently supposed to be raisable via a scissor lift.

    I can't tell if the lift on the trucks in the actual film are functionable, though. On the toy, though, the observation platform is removable. For what purpose, I don't know. The Armored Action Transporter's removable cage could go onto the back of the Off-Road Rescue Rig. Maybe a future vehicle can use the Unimog's observation platform in a similar manner, or perhaps the Unimog itself can have something attached to it?


    8/24 - '15 Triumph Scrambler

    Back to reissues. It's Owen's motorcycle from the fourth movie again. Unchanged. I'm torn as to how much of a wasted slot this is. The Triumph was released relatively late in 2018 and so some people might not have seen it at retail, but, then again, it seems pretty common and dirt cheap on the secondary market, so people aren't exactly clamoring for it. Also, like its previous release, it's nearly impossible to stand up under its own power, a common problem with Matchbox motorcycles.


    9/24 - Off-Road Rescue Rig

    A recolor. One that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Obviously, it's the BAE Systems Land & Armaments FMTV Cargo 6x6 from Fallen Kingdom, but in a weird mixture of colors we never saw onscreen and splattered with mud (which is a theme with Dino Rivals vehicles, it seems) and some different numbers (SVRT-315 instead of 21, and no Pteranodon symbol this time). I'm not saying the mercenaries couldn't have had other FMTVs in different colors like they did with the many Unimogs, but, eh, was anyone really clamoring for this thing again? And, yes, the Armored Action Transporter's cage still fits on it.

    EDIT: I also realized that all these rescue rigs differ from the FMTV used in the movie in that the movie vehicle was a single cab version, whereas Matchbox's is a crew cab.
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    10/24 - Armored Action Truck

    A reissue. And a first, as far as I'm are. This is the specific coloring of the Action Truck released in the Island Transport Team five-pack, so far the only exclusive also made available single-carded. No changes. Same dark gray coloring and bright blue hubcaps. It's even still vehicle number 12.


    11/24 - ?

    Another currently unknown one.


    12/24 - '93 Ford Explorer #4

    Reissue with no changes. This would've been the perfect chance for them to release Gennaro and the kids' Explorer in non-muddied form, but despite the upcoming release of a properly crushed version, they're still giving Explorer 04 a muddy deco and leaving No. 05 clean.


    13/24 - Gyrosphere

    Reissue with no changes.


    14/24 - ?

    Yet another unknown one.


    15/24 - '98 Cagiva Canyon 500

    Cagiva Canyons are the (mildly) modified motorcycles used by the hunters to herd dinosaurs in The Lost World.

    This is an interesting release for a few reasons, not the least of which is the MY Matchbox attributes to it. Not 1997, but 1998. The Lost World would've presumably filmed in '96, meaning the '97 Mercedes-Benz ML 320s and Unimog U 1300s and U 2450s they were using were pre-production models slated for release the next year (all specially provided to Universal for the movie by Mercedes). Presumably Cagiva did the same thing, but if it really is a '98 MY, this makes the motorcycles used in the film pre-pre-production, i.e. concept bikes. The other interesting thing is one specific detail Matchbox added that definitely isn't on the screen-used bikes: the movie logo. This was apparently (?) done in a nod to the fact Matchbox's 1997 vehicles released to tie in to the movie had the film's logo plastered all over them (on the hoods for the A.A.V.s and Humvees, for instance). I can think of no other reason for doing this than as a cheeky little nod to that.

    Oh, and just like Owen's Triumph, getting it to stand up is difficult AF.


    16/24 - '93 Jeep Wrangler #12

    Nedry's Jeep again, only this time it has mud splash deco. I'll let this one slight because Nedry was driving at night and did get JP12 pretty muddy.


    17/24 - '97 Mercedes-Benz ML 320 A.A.V.

    Aha! Now we're talkin'! It's Eddie's Mercedes, identified in concept art as "Santana."

    Matchbox just differentiates it from the previously released ML 320 ("Montana") by designating it the A.A.V. (All-Activity Vehicle) version. I wonder, then, if they're unaware of the individual vehicles' names from behind-the-scenes material, what they'll call the third one, "Fontana," if and when they release it. Anyway, as seen here in this better photo of the car in what looks like a museum somewhere and the concept art, Santana differs significantly from Montana and Fontana by its completely open, pseudo-pickup truck like rear end.

    It is, however, missing the toolboxes on the rear sides present in the concept art and even in some scenes in the film. Oh well. But at least this time they painted the bull bars, which were left unpainted on the previous ML 320.


    18/24 - InGen 4x4

    Roland Tembo's vehicle used in The Lost World, which he and Ludlow ride in during the roundup scene. A second, identical one is also used by Robert Burke and another guy.

    Exactly what these things are called is a minor mystery. The concept art for them simply identifies them as "Jeeps," and supposedly they are stripped down and heavily customized Wranglers the production used, but whether this also applies in-universe is unknown. Supposedly, one site identifies them as "InGen Standard Safari Vehicles," but Matchbox has chosen to just go with "InGen 4x4" which is fine. Unfortunately it also suggests that this is the only version (there's three) that they intend to do. Specifically, as noted, it's the kind used by Roland and Burke, identified as "Jeep #2" in the concept art and given the name "Scout" in the Lego game.

    That said, if they do one of the other versions, like, say, Dieter's, they might just extend the name like they did for the ML 320. "InGen 4x4 Harasser," assuming they use the Lego designation.

    It's missing the top-mounted searchlight, the extra lights mounted on the bull bar, and whatever it is that's strapped to the hood (a detail Matchbox saw fit to include in their 2018 release of ML 320 "Montana"). But aside from this, it's a pretty decent representation of this specific version of the vehicles.
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    Gonna go ahead and finish this up. So, anyway, onward!

    19/24 - Armored Action Transporter

    Another straight reissue. Nothing different.


    20/24 - ?

    Yet another one that's currently unknown. Hopefully this'll change soon.


    21/24 - Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

    Not a straight issue. Like Jeep 12, this a muddied up re-release. Specifically, of Commander Hamada's ACU G 63 from Jurassic World. Which makes sense as they did drive down a muddy side road and spray up a ton of muddy water. So, acceptable, if not exactly needed. What is it with Dino Rivals' obsession with mud splatters?


    22/24 - '97 Mercedes-Benz ML 320

    Reissue of the 2018 Legacy release. It is, again, A.A.V. Montana, the third of the ML 320s that got left behind at Eddie's garage in The Lost World. This is a welcome reissue, since, as noted, the Legacy series was a Target exclusive and the ML 320 may have been difficult for some people to get, and reissuing it here in Dino Rivals' main line also means you can get both Montana and Santana at the same time. Or it would if any stores would stock the series. Ugh. Anyway, it's a straight reissue; you'll notice that despite correcting last year's oversight by painting the bull bars on Santana, they didn't do it for the re-release of Montana. So when the two are side by side it kinda sticks out. Oh well.


    23/24 - '93 Ford Explorer #5

    Another straight reissue. Surprised they didn't muddy this one up, too! But the Explorers are popular and eye-catching, so I don't mind.

    I do mind these being no-shows at retail, though.


    24/24 -?

    Just like with the first one, we have no idea currently what the last vehicle will be.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    We are, however, getting the following vehicles, I just don't know what order out of 24 they are:

    ?/24 -'93 Ford Explorer #4

    Yes, judging by the name on the card, Matchbox is not differentiating this from the other release of Explorer 04 by designated it as damaged or crushed. It's Gennaro and the kids' Explorer after Rexy has giving it a good chomping and squishing. It can be used for both Jurassic Park or Fallen Kingdom displays, depending. Get two and do both!

    It's slightly inaccurate, as the sunroof wasn't broken like that, it was made of Plexiglass and so it simply popped out of the frame when the T-rex rammed her head into it. Also, I hate to be nitpicky, but it just doesn't look smushed enough. And judging by the one picture we have of it in-package, it'll have all four tires. Interestingly, the tires on the version in this person's hand are brown, but they appear to be black on the carded version.

    Still, all that aside, this is a very fun little release to get.


    ?/24 - '93 Jeep Wrangler #10

    Since last year's Legacy line, I've been hollering every chance I got "Where's JP10?" Well, here's my answer; here it is! And I'm so happy I don't even mind that it's dirtied up in accordance with Dino Rival's weird mud fetish! Anyway, JP10 is the fourth and final Jeep Wrangler from the first film. It's the one Ellie and Muldoon take when they go and rescue Malcolm and get chased by Rexy. The "Must go faster!" Jeep.

    I'm just glad the windshield is intact, as too many customs of this particular Jeep do it as it appears after the low tree branch knocks the windshield and toolboxes off, and I was afraid Matchbox was going to do the same thing. I'd prefer a clean Jeep 10, but, like I said, I'm happy to just have the dang thing, unique among the Jurassic Park Jeep Wranglers, and Wranglers in general, in its lack of a roll bar (I can only assume Spielberg wanted it more "open" to the elements to imperil the occupants more easily than they would be in a Jeep with a roll bar that Rexy would have to bite through first).


    ?/24 - Deep-Dive Submarine

    A straight reissue of last year's mercenary mini sub, which is also available in Dino Rivals' version of the Island Transport Tream five-pack.


    ?/24 - Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5020

    A black version of last year's Unimog U 5020. As I noted previously, this particular truck was the one the mercenaries had the most of in Fallen Kingdom, in many different colors, so this black version with a light gray canopy isn't entirely implausible. If nothing else, it'll go great visually with the black G 550 from the Land Rescue Convoy five-pack.
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    Next up we have the Dino Transporters. So far, they've on re-released the first four, and there's still no sign of the Mosasaurus Sea Sub. I don't understand why. In fact, these are literally just the same vehicles in different packaging I'm not going to bother showing out-of-package pics.

    T. Rex Trailer


    Raptor Copter





    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Next we have the five-packs, of which, so far, there are two.

    Island Transport Team

    Straight reissue of the 2018 five-pack, in the second configuration with the Armored Action Truck positioned lower instead of at the very top. And since the Armored Action Truck in this color was released carded in this line and the Deep-Dive Submarine, this means the only vehicle that's exclusive to this pack is the 2014 Mercedes-Benz G 550 (still number 05), as it hasn't seen any other reissue in Dino Rivals this year so far.


    Terrain Trekkers

    Theoretically, the exclusive in this set is the blue and black Off-Road Rescue Rig (number 21 again, with the Pteranodon symbol making a comeback).

    But this is also so far the only way to get the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 and the clean version of the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 in the Dino Rivals line. Like the G 550, they haven't been released singly yet and most likely won't be.



    A third five-pack is due for 2020. It'll include the Armored Action Truck, one of the Jeep Wranglers, the Armored Action Transporter, the Deep-Dive Submarine and the Unimog U 1300. The Unimog might be the exclusive (?). I'm kinda hoping they're all neat recolors, and that, specifically, the Jeep will be JP14, Gerry Harding's Jeep from Jurassic Park: The Game (on that note I'd also like to see the Ford Explorer from that game, Explorer 02). Most likely it'll just be Dino Rivals' reissue of JP29, though.

    That just leaves the two 2018 playsets, which I've never owned and know nothing about. So for the time being, I guess the guide is pretty much done.
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    Two new five-packs revealed. Firstly is the Land Action Squad, featuring the crushed Explorer #4 with brown tires, the InGen 4x4, what appears to be an exclusive deco of the '15 Triumph Scrambler, the muddy Jeep #12 and the Humvee.

    And a reissue of the Legacy Collection Island Explorers set, unchanged:

    "I mean, really, how many times will you look under Jabba's manboobs?" - bkusna

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    Actually not into collectin HotWheels or Matchbox scale, I was wondering if there are any vehicle in 1/48 scale, mainly the green Explorer maybe
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    None I'm aware of. I'll search though.
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    We’re all waiting for that one...Lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by Real_Scooby View Post
    Actually not into collectin HotWheels or Matchbox scale, I was wondering if there are any vehicle in 1/48 scale, mainly the green Explorer maybe

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    There's this model from what looks like the 90s, but it's not any good. It uses the two door Explorer and lacks the sunroof. Very disappointing. It's also 1/20 scale, instead of 1/48.

    There's also this, but it appears to be a custom and I can't tell the scale.

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