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Thread: If you want people to flock to Pulse...

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    If you want people to flock to Pulse...

    If you want peiple to flock to pulse and spend the $50 to hecome a member, follow a few steps like this and I'm sure it would be sucsessful.
    Make army builder packs! If you put up troopers in bulk in marginal packaging like say a cardboard box of baggies, these would sell like hotcakes. If you put them out in 4 packs they will sell. If you put them out in 10 packs....they will sell! Mind you I am not only talking about Stormtroopers, but Rebel soldiers Fleet Troops, Clone troopers! If we can get them in bulk and not have to pay a premium for packaging that's going to get tossed anyway (also reducing that carbon footprint).
    Exclusives that are scooped up by scalpers should be available to everyone. And exclusives should only ever consist of variants or packaging differences. When there is going to be a Black series set of Owen and Beru, make sure there is a way via pulse to get them too. Even if packaging is different. Nobody wants to pay the scalpers 400 dollars for that set on secondary market. And they would fail miserably at retail.
    More vehicles please. And available for good durations. No child should ever not be able to purchase an x wing a tie fighter or the falcon. Consistant availibility is what made the Kenner line a smash. You could start buying figures and catch up at any point. Make the mainstays available on pulse😊

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    I would buy into a Vintage Collection subscription. That’s something I’d love to see.
    I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

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    I have contacted Hasbro Pulse about what they sell, considering many other sites have started selling preorders or even selling regular figures that Pulse just doesn't have listed. They keep telling me that it is not up to them what they sell and it is strictly up to Hasbro. They are the .com portion of Hasbro and questions like this should be addressed to Hasbro corporate. Hasbro Pulse also stated they have no control of what other websites are selling (which I understand) and that Hasbro Corporate is in charge of distributions of products and Hasbro Pulse has no control over what and how many products are sold on their website. I personally would have thought that Hasbro Pulse would take president over other selling points considering they "directly" related to Hasbro and they have the premium membership offer. I will say they have gotten better at shipping. The first couple of products I purchased took up to a week and a half and now they have it down to approx. two days.
    I agree with the army building. They could put a limit of two on the Stormtrooper and a limit of three on the 41st elite clone trooper just so more people can get these figures faster but you can still put them on separate orders and typically receive the around the same time. The bulk set of troopers would save time and money.

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