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Thread: WIP : Real Scooby´s DeAgo R2-D2

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    WIP : Real Scooby´s DeAgo R2-D2

    Not exactly a prop, not exactly a replica, but I didn´t figure where better to share this build

    @Mods : feel free to move to any better fitting section

    After building

    * Hachette´s Black Pearl
    * DeAgostini´s Millennium Falcon
    * Eaglemoss´s BTTF Delorean

    I am starting yet another partwork build. Originaly this build is NOT officially available over here in Austria and doing a subscription to DeAgo UK and have them send over didn´t work this time, I was forced to keep looking for alternate sources.
    Over a FB-group, another UK builder, who due lack of time didn´t start the build but collected all 100 issues, made me an offer to an way awesome deal I couldn´t say no.

    And after only 3 days after I hit the PayPal button, two boxes, about 20 kilo of parts and magazines arrived with DPD, and including the carrier costs, still only half the price DeAgo asks for the full set.

    I felt like a 10 years old boy at X-mas when digging through the pile

    And I started the build the same evening with the first 10 issues.

    So, progress after issue #1 - 10 looks like this

    I have no plans to do any modifications, except adding a weathered finish later.
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    Nice. I’m doing the Delorean now. Might do Ecto-1 after that.


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    Issues #31 - 40

    I was wondering, why they wouldn´t give that sorting box earlier, instead of being #39


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    Just because the weather outside is just "right" today, I just finished another 10 issue bundle, so here we have #41 - 50

    All together, progress through half of the build

    Looks like the clouds wont rip apart outside, might do another 10....maybe
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    As expected above, another set of 10 is finished today

    #51 - 60
    ( forgot to take a pic of the #59 parts )

    Progress up to #60

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    You guessed right, a new day, new progress update
    Thinking of it, THIS will be the way to do on any future partwork project ( *cough* Hachette´s T-800 *cough* Eaglemoss´s Ecto-1 *cough* )
    Buy everything at once and having a heck of a building marathon

    #61 - 70

    First look inside the head

    and the final progress up to #70

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    The next batch of 10 is done

    #71 - 80

    some more electrics added to the head

    and final progress up to #80

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    Almost there

    #81 - 90

    The finished front panels, hm ... I feel the need for some customizing coming up here. I DO NOT plan to add some LED´s to the toolpits, but they look pretty undetailed. Might have to take a look what my spare-parts-box comes up with. There should be some random parts and cables left over from the BTTF Delorean. Maybe some spare parts from my collection of BANDAI-kits could come in handy here too.

    and the final progress up tp #90

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