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Thread: What films/shows/books do you break from typical conventional wisdom and love or hate?

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    Thought of another: I love the Ewoks. Now, if I hadn't seen ROTJ at the age of 11 when it came out in the simpler times of 1983, I'd probably understand the dislike/hate by mostly contemporary critics. But I love all their visual variations, and I even have the 2 film DVD of their post-ROTJ adventures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Agreed. I've listened to their music and I wouldn't consider anything they've done as great. Heck, I still listen to The Monkees to this day. I haven't voluntarily listened to a Beatles song in nearly two decades.

    A couple more, now that I've had time to think about the question:

    Batman is the most overrated superhero ever created. Especially, when he's written as a super-genius, martial arts expert, who has a contingency plan for EVERY possible scenario, no matter how remote or implausible. This is why I consider the Adam West Batman to be my favorite version of the character. Because the 60s TV series took the ludicrousness of the character and played it up for comedy.
    Oh good one!
    I forgot about Batman. I totally agree.
    I like my Super Heroes, well, SUPER.

    Batman is just a rich spoiled brat with a bunch of expensive toys.
    Toys he doesn't even create, he pays someone else to come up with the ideas and build them.

    I hate Batman.

    And I always thought Heath Ledger's performance of Joker wasn't great either.
    The only reason he got so much praise for it was because he died before the movie came out.

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    Iron Man > Batman. (they have the same super-power).
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    I have a lot of opinions about the Hulk, so here goes:

    Because of the 2003 and 2008 films, a lot of people seem to think that Hulk is incapable of carrying his own movie and should be relegated to supporting character status, like he has been in the Avengers movies so far. However, I disagree. I think a standalone Hulk movie could work because it has never actually been tried. The two previous films weren't Hulk films, they were Bruce Banner films and they both had the exact same plot: Bruce Banner tries not to turn into the Hulk, then he gets into a situation that requires him to turn into the Hulk.

    Nobody wants to pay $15 for a movie ticket to watch Bruce Banner get all angsty about how the Hulk is ruining his love life. So make the movie about the Hulk from beginning to end. Bruce Banner doesn't need anything more than a glorified cameo. If Mark Ruffalo wants more screen time because he's a big movie star, then replace him with a different actor. Edward Norton was a better Bruce Banner anyway, especially if we are talking about staying true to the comic book version of the character.

    So far, the best onscreen version of the Hulk came out of Thor: Ragnarok, so Taika Waititi should definitely direct the standalone Hulk movie because he's the only director who seems to understand the character so far.

    Also, the idea that the Hulk and Bruce Banner need to share the same face is something that was invented for the movies. That idea doesn't exist in the original comic stories. Nobody got confused in decades of Silver and Bronze Age comics, nobody got confused during the TV show when they had to cast two different actors for Banner and the Hulk, so audiences aren't going to get confused if they keep the same CG model for Hulk and simply recast Banner.
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