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Thread: Rancor Monster dimensions?

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    Rancor Monster dimensions?

    Does anyone know the dimensions (H x W x D) of Kenner's Rancor Monster? I'm trying to figure out if this will fit on a wall shelf and my google searches for dimensions are turning up empty ...

    Thanks in advance!

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    I did a sloppy Google search simply of "How large is the Kenner Rancor Monster?"; and after checking out a few sights I found one proclaiming it to be a little over nine inches tall. No clue if that's accurate as I haven't owned one since I was a kid; and the site gave no other dimensions other than the aforementioned height. Hope this helps a little bit at least.
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    Thanks for the reply Snowtrooper1138. I did find a few sites mentioning 10" High. Still hoping someone can chime in regarding Width and Depth...

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    You're welcome, itsatrap. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Though I'm honestly surprised more Scummers haven't chimed in on your post. You'd expect the majority here to not only have a Rancor and potentially a tape measure or something and wouldn't mind laying your inquiry to rest. In fact; I think it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to the dimensions of vintage creatures, vehicles, etc. I wouldn't mind knowing the dimensions of the Dewback!
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