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Thread: Figures I consider missing and other thoguhts

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    Figures I consider missing and other thoguhts

    Missing from 3.75 collectors standard.
    Alternate outfits for rouge one cast in super-posable ranges.
    Rouge one rebel troopers in super posable.
    Super posable rebels main cast from star wars rebels. (Asoka, Sabine, Esra, Kanan, Yara, zeb etc)
    Force awakens Superposable rebel and non-basic storm troopers.

    completely missing from 3.75 range

    Rebels, Hondo
    Rebels, Imperial super commando
    Rebels, Mandolorians
    Rebels, Imperial jump trooper
    Rebels, AT-DP driver
    Rebels, other imperial troopers
    clone wars, Mauls death watch,
    Rebels, Bo-Katan Kryze
    Clone Wars, Bo-Katan Kryze
    Rebels/CW, Nite owls
    Mandolorian in crusader armour (i.e. Kotor/mandolorian wars armour) (prefferably a set of carying colours)
    realistic CW maul.
    realistic CW Phase 1 rex
    Realistic CW Phase 1 Cody
    realistic CW Savage
    Realistic Admaral Yelaren
    Realistic clone in Republic navy uniform
    CW Arc trooper 5s
    CW Arc trooper Echo
    Most phase 1 realistic commanders (CW)
    Minor droids CW/Rebels
    Kotor/Kotor 2 cast
    Kotor Sith Trooper/captain/officer/droid/untily droid.
    Vendor droids
    realistic CW Phase 2 armoured pilot
    Realstic CW dark ops clone
    Realistic CW Dark ops clone pilot
    Realistic CW phase 1 cold weather troopers
    Realistic phase 1
    realistic clone accessory set (i.e. head lamps, range finders,
    Realistic phase 1.5 arc trooper.
    Zero the Hutt
    Rebels Realistic rex
    rebels (realistic) gregor
    rebels (Realstic) woolfee
    CW Gregor
    Realistic CW Gregor (prefferably super posable and used as a base to re-issue echo and delta squad. )
    Rebels realistic/super posable officers/inquisitors
    TFA Resistance Troopers
    SWBF Imperial Shocktroopers (Whatever else I might think of that game series reboot, this was one of the highlight within it)
    Phase 1/2 wolf pack
    phase 1 shock troopers

    CIS Skimmer
    CIS Cannon droid
    Pirate hover tank (CW)
    Umbaran vehicles (CW)
    Cat/Egyptian style fighter (CW)
    Kotor Vehicles
    Mandolorian fighter (CW)
    Back ground speeders - Prequels
    TFA Imperial vehicles
    Anakins CW freighter
    Imperial TFX-150 Sabre tank re-paint (you dis a green one, and I;ve no idea why you have't done a imperial one. or why you did a reduced size/complexity one)

    Accessories that need more love:
    Small CW rocket launcher
    Droidika blaster cannon
    SW Creates

    Hasbro invented vehicles

    I really wish you'd stop with the made up vehicles, and instead when you want to make figure and vehicle sets, use background vehicles, or those above. Some of them are ataully quite nice, but really don't hold a candle to "screen accurate" vehicles.

    Insufficient stock
    Vintage collection and black series Rebel troopers, the prices on these on ebay, are STUPID high, paying £80 for a jedi, fine, cos you need one. But when your "I need atleast 10 of these figures" are this high it would really be a good idea for you to make another run, as the demand is obviously there.

    Same with KOTOR Republic troopers and Shae Visla,

    Other than second hand pricing, I'd like to say, I've never had difficulty finding and ebaying any individual figure.

    6 inch range
    I honestly personally couldn't give a hoot about the 6" range, if it's doing well for you, I'm glad, and i know a bunch of people are pleased with it and I can understand that they make wonderful shelf fillers. But I'm not interested for diorama use.

    I am however glad that 3.75 figures continue to have super potable releases, and that they are not longer under the same brand as the 6 inch figures, this got very confusing when buying online.

    I was super excited about the sail barge, but I was very sorry to hear it was North America only, when will this and future products be available in europe? I was really ready to back the shiz out of that barge.

    You're going to have to do allot better with SW legion, what I'd like to want to do is sell my figures and buy into this instead, but the vehicles are cheaper in 3.75 scale, which is ridiculous, and the range of aviable figures is incredibly lack luster currently, and the figures that are there aren't what we call in the industry, "multi-pose" which is very disappointing.

    Progress is being made and you I am sure find it hard to keep up with the wave of new media.

    However with the new CW series coming out in 2020 this is the perfect time for you to give those missed characters and vehicles some love, as well as for rebels.

    I'd like to see a packing crate pack-in as a promotion we don't really see those, and I'd like to, I think those SW crates could do really well.

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    CIS shuttle and CIS landing craft would be very interesting to see also.

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