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Thread: FS: eFX Luke Reveal Lightsaber and various MR Lightsabers

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    FS: eFX Luke Reveal Lightsaber and various MR Lightsabers

    I am the original owner of this eFX Luke Reveal Lightsaber, #65/1,000. It was displayed for several years but is in near mint condition. The metal plaque holder has left a few scratches (see picture) on the acrylic bottom and the battery needs to be replaced, but the lightsaber itself is pristine. Scratches should be able to be buffed out. I just purchased some Mother’s polish if you would like me to buff it prior to shipping.

    Price was $1,750 shipped in the US, but I have lowered it to $1,425. Sold for $1,250.

    -MR Qui-Gon LE #1325: was $750 plus shipping to the US, Now $600 plus shipping! Has original brown shipping box, display box, case, paperwork, plaque; I purchased this second hand on the rpf, but never displayed it. Acrylic top is a little dusty, but I will clean it prior to shipping.

    -MR Luke ROTJ V2 LE: $750 shipped in the US. Missing brown shipper, has all other packaging

    -SOLD MR Jedi Training Remote prototype: $1,250 plus shipping
    This kit was sold to me as an MR prototype. It is an injection molded kit that I have also supplemented with some additional resin parts made by sjanish to make it more complete as well as chrome rims and scotchlite. Some small rectangles will need to be made from styrene if you plan to complete it.

    Since it is injection molded and the only one to have done that is MR, I believe it to be from their production run. You will notice that the MR parts are all keyed to go together in a certain way.

    Additional photos of the MR Qui-Gon LE, MR Luke ROTJ V2 LE, and Training Remote here:

    MR Obi-Wan TPM EE Artist Proof: originally $2,000 shipped in the US. Price drop to $1,750 shipped. Has original brown shipping box, display box, case, paperwork, plaque
    I am not the original owner of this lightsaber but took a picture of the original shipping label with the first owners name if anyone can figure out the relationship to MR to get an AP item. There is some discoloration under the mirror which you can see in the picture album. It has been this way since I have owned this item. It was displayed for a short time, but has been in the box for the better part of the last 5-10 years.

    Pictures here:

    Right now US shipping only. I will review international offers, but please do not ask me to falsify Customs forms. I insure all packages at their sale price. To guarantee your purchase, you can click the buy it now button on the rpf junkyard. Otherwise you will have to wait for me to reply here.


    I will also be selling some MR sabers once I can take some pictures and look up prices.

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    I will wait for the bd maul, dooku and qui-gon

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdekay View Post
    I will wait for the bd maul, dooku and qui-gon
    Did you listed them on ebay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdekay View Post
    Did you listed them on ebay?
    No, I haven’t even had a chance to take pictures of them. I will post them here when I am ready to sell them.
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    Thank you. Are they complete and in "like new" condition?

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    I updated the first post for a price drop.

    The MR sabers have their cases, display cases, plaques, and paperwork. Some have the original shipping boxes. I will list all items by saber and condition when I add them to this sales thread. Most of them were displayed on a shelf for a number of years, but have since been stored in plastic totes for the last ten years.

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