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Thread: New collection room setup!

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    New collection room setup!

    Well 8 years after having everything in storage since we had a house big enough to have a room spare to display all my SW stuff I'm currently in the process of unboxing everything and setting up the space.

    We've spent the last 2 1/2 years on our 'Grand Designs' project converting a Victorian church into our dream home.

    Part of the design has left me with a c.14x12 ft office/collection room. I have a set of Ikea Besta units from the last display and about 50 boxes worth of GG busts, maquette and statues to unbox.

    Sneak peak from outside!

    The boxes!

    Shelves in place and ready to go

    More to follow tomorrow!

    Will post some pics of the building and build project is anyone's interested.
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    Congrats on the convertion and getting to have it all done the way you wanted it. I like your flooring, by the way. Also, its great to have now all that space for your collectibles. The fun part is then about to start getting all your "treasures" out of their boxes. It's like opening Christmas presents. Enjoy it all. I'm looking forward to see it all set up.
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    Nice! Always great to see someone's collection!
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    Have fun setting everything up.
    Looking forward to seeing more!

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    Bring the pics !!!
    New displays and presentation ideas..........

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    The fun part of unboxing and setting up your collection! Keep us posted!

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    I had my collection stored away once... Then built a shelf wall thinking I'd have plenty of room. Boy was I wrong. Lots more shelves now and still stuff stored.

    Post pics of the building project too. Sounds cool.

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    I look forward to seeing it all displayed and your progress as well!
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    I'm with everyone. Any new pics on the set up?
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    Geat!! Such fun setting up the shelves!! Post pics!
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