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Thread: Playset & Vehicle - Back of Box Line Art

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    Playset & Vehicle - Back of Box Line Art

    Have you ever wondered why the backsides of several of the playset and vehicle boxes from the vintage line are made up of a simple line art that mirrors the colorful image on the front? I haven't seen a discussion on the history or reasoning behind this move that Kenner made, so I thought I would open the floor to anyone who may have insight or an idea.

    If you notice, every box that comes with this line art is made up of thicker cardboard material (AT-AT, Falcon, Dagobah Playset, Death Star, etc.) compared to those box examples that do not have them (Hoth Playsets, Snowspeeder, Land of Jawas, etc.). Typically, this thicker box material was reserved for these larger items. So my assumption is that because of the larger box canvas, and in an attempt to keep costs low, Kenner decided to do a simple line art version on the backside rather then spend money on a color printed image. Other than some pink hues, black and white are the dominant colors. Does that reasoning sound right?

    So why put the same exact image on the backside and not a black and white line art of something else? The functions of each vehicle and playset could be found in color on the sides of the boxes so it wouldn't make sense to place them on the back. Would a completely separate image have been justified? It all boils down to cutting costs where ever possible and still trying to maintain the value.

    Kudos to Kenner on another aspect of the black and white line art. I wonder if the conversation at Kenner involved a dual purpose for the backside art that would have included them saving money yes, but the line art doubling as a sort of "coloring book". If so was this aspect often missed by children at the time? It's not often that you find a box that has had the line art colored in. In fact, I can't recall an instance where I have ever seen one, though I'm sure they exist. Does anyone have a memory of coloring the backs of these boxes?
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    Yeah, I think the color printing on all 6 sides wasn't very cost effective. Plus, I think the line art looked great!

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    Wampa I can't say my friends, cousins or myself every colored in the black and white backside of the boxes???? However they could of used you in marketing back then, because that's GENIUS!!!!!
    Another reason why KENNER IS BETTER!!!!!
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