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Thread: Need some Vinyl Cap Info Help

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    Need some Vinyl Cap Info Help

    OK I'm making a custom Light Side Darth Vader vintage custom I have his black cape as a template but want to make a white one where can I find the Non sticker versions of this material?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Really need to know this is for a gift for someone...

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    Have you tried a craft store like hobby lobby or Michaels .

    I use alot of different fabrics or faux finish mats for projects. They have tons of items that may help. The on issue you may have would be the size. You may have a bunch left over.
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    Are you doing the 3 3/4 figure vinyl cape or the 12" cloth cape?

    Vinyl cape is easy, buy a blow pool toy off EBay for like $5 and you can make hundreds!

    Cloth cape just like Toyman said "Hobby Lobby or Michael's"
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