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Thread: Tunghori question

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    Tunghori question

    Where does the seller get all of these figures? Is this some illegal black market dealer that eBay just turns their head and looks the other way? It just seems very odd how this seller comes up with some very rare figures out of nowhere.
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    I don't know the answer but a lot of his product is factory seconds. Perhaps he is dumpster diving for those. Perhaps he is doing what Johnny Cash did in that song about a Cadillac factory worker that built his own car one (mismatched) part at a time.

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    My guess is he has some connection or they are seconds. Something just doesn't seem right about it.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
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    All the figures he sells are factory rejects that he swipes when the boses aren't looking and sells online. Most of the figures are fine but you might get a dud one here and there, from memory I've only had one bad figure from him but he did replace it so it's all good. His been selling figures for years so Hasbro turns a blind eye towards him probably because his outside their reach.

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    Thanks for the info on him. I figured something wasn't right. The dark side of collecting !
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
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    There are a bunch of sellers on eBay who do this. Some are clearly located in China, with their shipping point listed as such. They sell many different types of toys from various franchises.

    But there are other guys who sell from the United States. They are almost certainly connected in some way to the Chinese factories, or perhaps to some retail agent or something, but they too have been selling for years and years, and always have fresh stock.

    I’m glad these guys exist; if they didn’t, we’d often be at the scalpers’ mercy.
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    Not all figures coming out of the Far East are actually factory rejects - that is the case for some sellers, but others are actually after-hours production using the Hasbro tools. This is how you see figures from years ago, where factory rejects will have been long gone. Some sellers actually produce limited runs of characters they believe have high demand. This is also why we don't see every rare figure available - because the tools to create them aren't available at every factory. The circumstances are different for each seller - some have an agreement and pay to produce them, others are stolen, etc. I'm not commenting about the seller named in particular, but some intel did slip out a couple years ago, as to how older figures with high demand randomly show up for sale...

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