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    Family Guys Star Wars

    I didn't know where to post it so I choose this sub-forum
    What do you guys think of Family Guy's parody on Star Wars? I knew about it when I was providing paper writing help in my college on parodies and found info about these series. I knew many fans were offended by those three episodes but I found it really hilarious.
    They mocked huge fails and added some strong irony.
    For those who didn't watch here are episodes:
    Season: 6 Episode: 1
    Season: 8 Episode: 20
    Season: 9 Episode: 18
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    I actually liked the ANH one, but the ESB and ROTJ ones often felt forced and much less to the point.

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    I'm wondering what this is doing in this particular part of the forum... but I'm bugged how in It's a Trap!, they seemed to have forgotten that Bruce the performance artist was cast as Piett in Something, Something, Something Dark Side, and had some other guy (Patrick Stewart from American Dad! or someone trying to sound like him?) in the part suddenly. Or were they simply unaware that Piett was even in ROTJ?

    I'd also say they could've gotten someone besides Carter to be Palpatine, since he'd already been Uncle Owen but Bruce was already Greedo and got to be Piett, so, eh, whatever. I wish they'd been consistent and kept Joe!Biggs considering he survived Blue Harvest (even if he was pretty funny as Jabba), didn't think Mort!Lando needed to be black (yeah, I went there; they should've either kept Mort white or cast another black character in the part), and also don't buy that "they ran out of Family Guy characters," necessitating Roger!Jerjerrod. I think they meant "ran out of Family Guy characters people would recognize").

    By the time of It's a Trap!, most of the jokes felt forced, such as Lois!Leia's unprompted and suspiciously specific denial of "I wasn't raped!" out of frickin' nowhere after Chris!Luke comments on her outfit (and where did Oola go in this version? You know, the slave Leia explicitly replaces?), and they really, really, really couldn't hold their wad on the "It's a trap!" meme? It had to be the very first thing out of Klaus!Ackbar's mouth with no connection to what was actually being discussed?

    And I'm gonna say it... Stewie!Vader was funny, but Spaceballs had already done the "short dopey Vader" gag back in the 80s, so I have to wonder whether someone else couldn't have been him. I'd say make Adam West Vader and have Stewie be Palpatine later on, but it's clear (to me) that when they did Blue Harvest they didn't plan on doing the other two, so a lot of the "this character as that character" problems seem to have arisen from a lack of planning ahead.
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