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Thread: 12" Jumbo Kenner C3PO (removable limbs) PG Exclusive

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    12" Jumbo Kenner C3PO (removable limbs) PG Exclusive

    Well, I am extremely happy to hear the announcement that there is a 12" Jumbo figure option included again in the PG Membership. While my first choice would be a figure that hasn't been made yet, I'll take C3PO with removable limbs (and hopefully he comes with the black pouch that the vintage figure came with!)

    ... hopefully we get a picture soon! ...
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    Huh, that's actually a pretty cool choice. That was my very first Star Wars figure. It was on an ESB card with the 4-LOM offer. I still hope to see the Jumbo Vintage line get back on track at some point.

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