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Thread: what figures are still incomplete?

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    what figures are still incomplete?

    the thing i hate most about loose collecting is how hard it is to get accesories to complete figures.
    i still need to complete several figures.
    cloud car pilot blaster commlink
    biker scout blaster
    bespin luke blaster
    tie pilot blaster
    gammorean guard ax
    emperor cane
    hammerhead blaster
    endor leia blaster
    yoda cane
    anh leia blaster and cape
    bespin leia blaster
    ig88 imperial blaster
    jedi luke lightsaber and palace blaster
    hoth leia blaster

    what figures are you still struggling to complete?
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    Early on when I was just getting into collecting (this was the late mid 90s) I started with mostly loose and weaponless figures. For quite a while I kept them that way and was ok with it. Then I started upgrading to mint/NM figures that were already complete. I still have a few of the last 17 to go, but I don't buy any loose figures for my collection if they are without accessories just because of the hassle of tracking them down. Not to mention it's usually cheaper to buy them with weapons vs separate. Example, A nice vader with cape can fetch $15. Add the saber to that and it's another $15-$20. Now a vader that you could buy complete for $25 is costing you $35 plus the time and hassle.

    I think the accessories that most people are going to be looking for in general are going to be in this order:

    1) True Black Imperial Blaster
    2) True Black Endor Blaster
    3) Stormy Luke Helmet
    4) True Black Palace Blaster
    5) Blue/Black Leia Blaster
    6) Grey/Tan Palace Blaster
    7) Blue Leia Blaster
    8) Luke Poncho Belt
    9) Ewok Bows
    10) Blue/Black Endor Blaster
    11) CCP Comlink
    12) Rebo Band Accessories
    13) Yoda Cane
    14) Yoda Snake

    Mix in a saber or two here and there and that sums up the tough list of accessories

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    I dont track down most weapons / accessories for my loose figures, because the prices are ridiculous on many of them. Even when they're the same price as a loose figure in good shape, I roll my eyes, lol. For example, I recently picked up a loose Bib Fortuna in great shape with belt and cloak, for under $10. His staff tends to be around the same price on ebay. That's one accessory I do want to own eventually though. Another is the staff for King Gorneesh - he's one of my absolute favorite animated figures, but I'm missing his accessory, which I wish I owned.

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    Leila blasters and Luke sabres are
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    Im fortunate enough to have all of my figures complete by chance. A friend came by with a band aid tin full of weapons one day and just gave them to me seeing aa he sold all the figures. Leia pistol bespin blasters stormie rifles the works. But i am missing a pike for my second imperial guard. That stupid thing on ebay is 22 dollars while a complete example is 29. This is why repros are rampant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waggy View Post
    Leila blasters and Luke sabres are
    Indeed! Every now and then, I check prices because I very much want to set up a "What SHOULD have been" display for Luke. I'd like to match up the proper color saber with the figure, kind of like they explain at the end of "Don't eat the yellow saber" Hoth Luke with a blue saber, Bespin Luke with blue saber and so on. But unless I allow myself to break my own rule of NO REPRO, it will probably never happen because I can't justify that much money for the sabers!

    Other than that, I'm in a pretty good position where all my figures have weapons. Even the extras that are filling displays and vehicles. The only exception is I currently have six Stormtroopers in the troop transport who are not holding weapons. I do have them, but they are in with my stash of spares.

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    i agree with all of you it is cheaper to get them complete. i was like wampa when i started just buying them t o have them then worry about the weapons later.
    at some point i started buying COMPLETE ONLY because of it.
    i wont even buy a 10$ b wing pilot because he never has his pistol. since the price is so close im thinking of grabbing a bwing pilot on a beater card
    because a the weapon will have never been touched by mortal man and beyond doubt
    and b it will be safe in the blister unable to be lost.
    but those damned leia blasters...
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    For the most part I was lucky with accessories however I did end up with a few last 17 without weapons. The black endor blasters and A wing pilot guns were a pain but I did finally find them. I found beater lots or figs complete to find them.
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    I still need inners for my DT Ben and Vader - anyone have any DT inners laying around ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyman941 View Post
    For the most part I was lucky with accessories however I did end up with a few last 17 without weapons. The black endor blasters and A wing pilot guns were a pain but I did finally find them. I found beater lots or figs complete to find them.
    ive actually done that a few times with my gi joes getting extra figures for weapons
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