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Thread: Got Married Saturday...Here is a video of my Ringbearer!

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    You’re screwed....... I mean congratulations & many happy years together.
    This post was written is the sarcasm font. It looks like a regular font but contains sarcasm.
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    I love this Bar!

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    I've been married 29 years. to the same girl.

    you're not screwed.

    you've just made the best decision of your life. congrats.
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    Lol. 29 years is fantastic. When you find a girl who is willing to jump in the car and drive with you 25 miles on a Sunday night at 10pm to pick up a cheap BMF from letgo, you know you have a great one. One worthy of marrying.Thanks for the kind words. I waited to find her this long, and having a best friend like her renews my faith that there are still happy endings.

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