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    I wouldn't call it a disaster especially since its only three months old. Building a droid isn't as big a draw as building a lightsaber. When I was there a few weeks ago my son wanted to build a droid and there was no wait, we just talked up. Everything was in stock except personality chips.
    With WDW Galaxys Edge opening this week, media and AP previews the last couple weeks, I am sure they allocated a good amount of stock over to WDW. They just lifted all the kyber crystal purchase restrictions within the past couple weeks so I would imagine spare droid parts will be offered at some point but because they view the droid and saber building as experiences its doubtful things like spare parts will be officially sold online, may have to resort to eBay for that.

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    9/14/19 update:

    Personality chips were in at Disneyland, but I didn't see any R3 domes. Backpacks still in stock as well. The park was crowded, but little to no line for the Droid building experience, so as long as the parts you want are in stock, you should have a good experience...

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    Was here at WDW today and built a reasonable r5d4. My wife built a custom R2. All personality chips were there.domes for all were limited. They had to replenish the r5 head i wanted. Thankful it was in.

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