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    That's a pretty cool color combo! It's too bad they didn't provide any green decals for the dome to help tie the color motif together more, but still cool looking. Are the decals of the static cling variety so they can be easily removed and reused if you so desired?
    They do have the dome decals included, but for some odd reason they did not stick to my dome. I may actually get another set when I go back this week and see if I just got a bad batch. One nice thing is that you do get multiple stickers for the various types of domes, so if you want to trade certain colors with other people, you can do so.
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    7/21/19 update:

    Well, clear blue and clear black R3 domes are once again sold out. Still no droid carrying backpacks, but there has been a full replenishment of the personality chips. Black BB units were also available.

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