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Thread: Shipping advice?

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    Shipping advice?

    Hi everyone, I wasnít sure what section to post this question in. Iím thinking about selling or trading a lot of my carded figures (ranging from potf2 to today, probably a hundred plus of them) and I canít figure out an affordable way to ship them. On eBay it seems a lot of sellers offer free shipping for carded figures, even for ones that sell for only $10 or so. The most common price I see for sellers that do charge for shipping range from $5-8. The LEAST expensive option I can find through usps priority mail is $11 (for a box that will hold a 6x9 in card). I donít think anyone will want to buy a cheaper figure if shipping is that much. How do you guys ship toys? What services do you use? There must be a cheaper alternative -Brooks

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    The average cost to ship a carded figure is around $6 reg mail, give or take.
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    So regular mail instead of priority? Where do you get inexpensive boxes?

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    Oh, I know, everything I sell is loose, and the cheapest I've seen shipping for even the lightest possible figure in an envelope is about $3.75ish. Best to try to sell in a "lot" or pairs, etc.
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    Have you ever bought anything from Walmart or Amazon, or any place that mails something to you in a box? I reuse those boxes.

    TBH, I'm not sure you'll cost out shipping for PTF2 figures. Most are shipped loose for the above cost. ^

    When listing an item it's best to give the customer the choice in shipping method, loose or carded, and go from there.
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