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Thread: $199 & Under Sale HT & SS Star Wars

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    $199 & Under Sale HT & SS Star Wars

    Each item is $199 or under, shipping included in the continental US. I don’t require that you add paypal fees, BUT if you WANT to, it certainly helps

    Luke ROTJ Deluxe New Version $199 (Never displayed) SOLD
    IG-88 Exclusive $199 (Briefly displayed) SOLD
    Snowtrooper Commander $190 (Never displayed) SOLD
    ATAT Driver $175 (Never displayed)

    Hot Toys
    Royal Guard $199 SOLD
    Emperor Palpatine $199 (Briefly displayed) SOLD
    Luke ROTJ $195 (Briefly displayed) SOLD
    Anakin Skywalker Light Side $199 (Briefly displayed)
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    Is the HT Emperor is available? Please PM is so thanks

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    Just Anakin and ATAT Driver left
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