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Thread: Fake Hand-Held Sabers?

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    Fake Hand-Held Sabers?

    Hello everyone.

    I have been washed over with a bit of fear. I have two Blue Jedi Luke lightsabers. When I put them in water, something very odd happens.

    The blade sinks, but the handle seems to float. They both end up standing upright. This seems like a red flag.

    However, they both have paint small flecks of paint on the handle, where they would have been held by a Jedi Luke figure.

    They both look like V1 Repros, but I'm just not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I got them both from the same guy at the same event, last year and this year. He seems like a trustworthy dude.

    After initially posting this, I checked them again. They now both float. When nudged, they both sink. I really don't know anymore.
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    They’re fake. This has NEVER happened with genuine vintage sabres.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waggy View Post
    They’re fake. This has NEVER happened with genuine vintage sabres.
    You're right. I talked to a friend and he said if they're painted they would rub off. Painted... I displayed one for almost a year... Well, at least I can scrap them now.

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