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Thread: What is/would be your Star Wars collecting focus?

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    What is/would be your Star Wars collecting focus?

    I don't have a collecting focus, but I'm fascinated by the idea of attempting to acquire anything ever produced that meets some criterion. Because of diorama scenes taking up most of my collection room, I just don't have the space for a focus "shrine" to something. But if I did, I think it would be a character-based one of these: Tusken Raider/Bantha (my favorite aliens), Dengar (favorite bounty hunter), or Lobot (favorite supporting character). If my focus were based on locale, then probably Cloud City. These would be substantial enough for a nice collection, but not impossible like a Vader focus or something. What are yours- do you have a pic, a link, or just an idea for one?
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    I have a little Ackbar focus. He's fun.

    My wife likes any female characters.

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    I only collect Original Trilogy Imperials with minor exceptions.


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    These are great! Thanks for the pics- let's see some more
    Please read my version of the Star Wars prequels and let me know what you think!

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    Great idea for a thread! POTF2 is my main focus, although I dally in a little bit of everything else on the side.

    If I had to pick one it would be the OT TIE Fighter Pilot. I absolutely love the design (which would be my cosplay of choice if I ever went down that route) and it's limited enough that it wouldn't be impossible to build a good display around. It also ties in nicely to the X-Wing game series which IMO is a franchise highlight.
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    I don't have a focus either since I collect everything Hasbro. If I started a vintage focus, it'd probably be something funky like 2-1B.
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    I stick to GG mini busts
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    When it comes to some other franchises, I do have some focal-point characters, like I have an entire Mysterio collection for Marvel/Spider-Man. I'm pretty well rounded with SW. Though I am almost entire OT only, I buy an occasional PT (usually just designs I like I.E: Grievous, Jango, Maul, etc), and no ST/Spin Off/Animated. If any character comes close to for me in SW, it's Boba Fett and the ESB bounty hunters. And for any sort of scene/location, I tend to focus most on Jabba's Palace and Hoth.
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    Mostly OT and Disney Era. Heavier focus on OT. Mostly only stuff that I can use in a diorama these days.
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    I gave all my hasbro collection to my kids. I collect 1:1 prop replicas and costume pieces. (blasters, lightsabers, helmets). that kind of thing.
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