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Thread: What is/would be your Star Wars collecting focus?

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    My two focuses, which are a little out of focus due to other expenses at the moment, are:

    Original Trilogy autographs on carded action figures, and

    Sigma ceramic pieces.
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    I only buy the SH Figuarts Star Wars figures. Most of my collection is PT, because that's the majority of product that they've put out. OT is next up, and I only have a few from the sequels and 1 from Solo because the line moves soooooo slow.

    Sometimes a Hot Toys figure winds up in my collection, but it's rare, and when it happens it's gotta be a main character, like the new Anakin and Obi-Wan figures from ROTS.

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    Double post!
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    I don’t collect, so I hope Daigo-Bah doesn't minds if I put in my 2 cents… If I were to collect: I’d just collect whatever that interested me— from whichever era, whichever trilogy/film, and whatever scale. Hot Toys, Sideshow, all the Japanese 6” offerings would be where I’d gravitate towards mostly. And the model kits(I guess they don't make them anymore?) are great and an easy and inexpensive way to own a OOAK piece for those that have some skills. I’d also repaint and customize any of the figures/creatures.ships/vehicles I’d deem fit: Hot Toys Qui-Got would get “real” hair to replace that plastic mop; Chewbacca would get restyled to achieve the proper texture for his fur; Sandtroopers/Shoretroopers would get the proper lived-in armour treatment, etc. I'd even try to tackle a custom-Droideka.

    Back in the days of TPM, I had painted the 1/6th-scale STAP/Battledroid model kit and gave it to the owner of design studio who I was interning for. He collected commissioned SW pieces-- from comic book artist to graffiti artists and loved the gift and thought it looked exactly like an ILM model. And that’s what my collection would resemble: ILM’s motley crew of models and maquettes (like that infamous shot of George surrounded by all his models/maquettes)— in all the various scales. I mean, Hayden’s performance, and George’s direction of Anakin was a hopeless mess, but his costume was an awesome design— and Hayden looked great in ROTS, as long as he wasn’t speaking LOL And ROTJ is my least fav of the OT, but I’d have to include Sideshow's 1/6th-scale Jabba on his dais, and customize Oola chained to him. That’s a must for my collection (and maybe Yarna too…)

    I’d customize everything so I'd have my very own version of ILM’s art department. And that’s exactly the reason why I’d never start collecting: I’d be so addicted I’d turn into a hermit and my home into a studio/gallery of SW models/maquette and spend all my time and income feeding the addiction-- and having my family and friends never wanting to come around LOL ... I like my uncluttered, minimalist all-white home and going on holidays…

    (Glad you see you back, Cobalt!)

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    I've actually got that costume up on a mannequin. LOL
    I call him Mannequin Skywalker. (pun intended).

    he's a "Semi-Custom" piece.
    I made the soft parts myself and got the rest from Museum Replicas. (same with obi-wan).
    I was inspired by the traveling exhibit "Star Wars Identities"

    that’s what my collection would resemble: ILM’s motley crew of models and maquettes (like that infamous shot of George surrounded by all his models/maquettes)

    of course my collection is not as impressive as GL's infamous photo LOL,
    but if I had my way (and money was no object) then my "SW Room" would look a lot like his.

    ie : when I collected "toys" , my "SW Room" looked more like a Toys-R-Us Outlet and less like a museum exhibit.
    one day I cleaned house, and gave all the MIB sealed toys to my daughter, and set about creating my "museum exhibit" instead.
    so now I don't collect the toys anymore, just stuff like this).
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    Woah Cobalt, that's a gorgeous display. Definitely earns the "museum exhibit" moniker!

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    I collect OT and sequel trilogy, nothing from the prequels for me. I have Action Fleets, Titaniums, Black Series, and 3.75" Rebel Pilots and ships. I moved into my home a year ago, so I'm still in the process of organizing things how I want. My main focus is Action Fleets and 3.75" Rebel Pilots and ships.

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    Fantastic costumes, Cobalt. They look so well-tailored, with great form to them. But where’s Anakin’s cape/robe?????

    The construction and design of the cape/robe is what connects Prequel-Anakin to Vader so gracefully: The way that the robe sways as Anakin moves is exactly how Vader’s robe moves. Gorgeous. I remember the costume designers (… maybe it was Trisha?) revealing that the Jedi robes were made from vintage British military wool/linen blend material, and that's why they drape so beautifully, with a substantial weight. I adore the Jedi’s costumes and robes of The Prequel. So glad that George went with the simple but layered monastic robes of samurai/monks as the base influence of the jedi costumes. I swear, if I were an addict/collector, I’d be obsessively plugging away at customizing the Prequel Jedi in 1/6th-scale form… Then I’d move on to those podracers vehicles— then a Droideka, then model ships, then an articulated 1/6th-scale TaunTaun with matted, messy fur and an accompanying Gungan/Kaadu… Dear God— I’d be such a hopeless, hardcore customizing addict/hermit...

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    ^^ in AOTC, anakin's cloak is actually built on a 3/4-circle "cape" (same as Vader)... that's where the silhouette comes from...
    but for ROTS he's got the standard 'hooded bathrobe' version like obi-wan. I made both.
    (I just don't display them on the mannequins because they cover up the rest of my handiwork. lol)

    I've also got one of these: but he's having a problem with his chest-armor (it needs to be repainted).

    [on topic] this is basically my collecting "focus" -- 1:1 scale action figures (so called) and 1:1 scale "prop replicas"
    trying to create my own SW:Identities exhibit. LOL
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    ^^^ Great to see Prequel alongside OT. Beauty is beauty. And there are as many beautiful designs from the TPM as there are from the OT. And now RO’s unique addition only adds to that world building. (There’s a whole lot of tacky cheese as well, but let’s focus on the beauty…)

    The costume exhibit that made the rounds during the era of TPM was that catalyst that hooked me: All those gorgeous TPM costumes looked so organic and world-expending right next to the OT’s. It drove em crazy since I wanted to feel the materials, check out the construction and lining, but couldn’t. It’s such a shame that so many dismissed TPM on its design aesthetic alone because it was so different at first glance from the OT’s. TPM was baroque SW haute couture: Just the various shades of black of Maul’s costume that would never show up onscreen alone made me weep senselessly.

    Perhaps one day when I retire, and move into a farmhouse in the countryside, I’ll become the hermit addict and blissfully customize SW all day… :sigh:...

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