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    Vintage MOC price tracker (

    Hi Everyone,

    My name's James and I'm new to the forum. A quick intro:

    Age: 45 (old enough to remember seeing Empire in the cinema but not Star Wars)
    Marital stuff: married with 2 daughters (ages 4 and 3 - just about into the Galaxy of Adventures YouTube episodes)
    Work and living stuff: I'm a software project manager, based in Singapore (I'm English but have lived here for the last 12 years)
    Interests (other than SW and family): most things tech, PC gaming, Python programming, football, cars, booze...
    Collection stuff: 71 MOCs so far, each on their original release card front - the aim being a complete collection. Not too fussed about card backs nor whether it's Kenner or other, and no particular focus (yet)

    I'm also the web admin for a new site I've created along the line of the Star Wars Tracker, The background to this stems from my learning to code in Python, an early exercise being to download data from the web, format and clean it up, then write it to a database. As I'm a vintage figure collector, plus definite inspiration from SW Tracker, I gave it a go. The result is a simple website sat on top of some Python code and a database that automatically connects to eBay, Vectis and Hakes and downloads all MOC sales info. It also calculates average prices and compares them to live eBay auctions, so you can see if something is over (or under) priced.

    If anyone is interested please head over and take a look. All feedback welcome as I'll be refining the data quality and look and feel over time. I'll also refund the first month's fee for the first 25 people to sign-up.

    Looking forward to contributing to the community!


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    Hi James,

    I like the concept!

    The main issue I see is with condition, particularly with un-graded figures. Prices can swing quite widely especially when you're talking about Star Wars and ESB carded, primarily based on condition. Comparing prices of graded figures seems more realistic, but even then you have a good bit of variability between figures with the same overall grade from the same third party grader (including sub-grades, punched/unpunched, cardback & visual appeal), without even getting into the differences between AFA, CAS, & UKG.

    How are you are you addressing the above?

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    Hey ScoobyDew - thanks! This is a great question and one that is hard to solve definitively, primarily because of the subjective nature of condition (and indeed whether the vendor describes the item honestly).

    While developing the logic to request the info from the eBay / Vectis / Hakes I hit this problem a lot. The way I've tried to deal with it is by downloading the super-set of sales then filtering out figure listings that include certain key words e.g. resealed, cracked, pop cut, bubble lifting etc. The logic then calculates the averages based on those figure listings that remain. To your point though, this doesn't address visual appeal like veining, edge wear, colour etc.

    Regarding punched/unpunched, cardbacks and subgrades - whilst these are possible to include the problem is one of consistency, in that not all vendors list this info in their description and if they do, not in a consistent manner. So my dilemma would be - do I separate the average prices for the figures with this info from those that don't, and then where do I draw the line in terms of specificity

    I'd love to hear the community's feedback as I'm very open on how to take the site forward. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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    Great idea, but I refuse to use facebook and dislike having to always give out my email to view or comment on websites. Maybe I'll use my alternate/dormant email and sign up to view it soon.
    I hope HASBRO finishes the original 92+ on the Vintage Collection Cards...(approx. 34 needed to complete it, depending on your certain point of view.)

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    Since there is such a large difference in price between graded and ungraded (even though they can be similar condition), do you separate the two catagories?

    Another question, can you capture the tons, perhaps more MOC sales that take place on Facebook?
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    Hi Jimmii, Chad_D - thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the login requirements - I'll have to look into that to see if Wix permits other options

    Regarding the segregation of average prices by graded / ungraded - this is a great idea and I've just put in place as of this morning, it's now live.

    Regarding Facebook sales - these are more tricky to do as the format of the posting is less structured than says eBay or Hakes. For example when a figure sells, there's no requirement to post the final sale price (unless someone can correct me?). I'll certainly look into it though, to see what's doable

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    Cool, it's not a requirement on Facebook. It would have to be a rule set up by the group. Might not be important to even worry about Facebook but you would get a read on more items.
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