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Thread: I think the "Vintage" term is dated and we need a new one....

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    If people replace the name "vintage" with something else and it actually catches on, sellers will simply start using the new descriptor in their auctions and we'll be right back where we are now within a few months. So, there's no point in changing it.
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    Vintage is a wine term, not an antiques term. Its been co opted over the years to mean something old or of a given era. I think most collectors know what you mean if you say Vintage or Modern. Personally I've never liked the term Vintage either. But the time to establish a different term was about 25 years ago. You're very unlikely to get the whole community to abundant a term it's been using for this long even if it a better descriptor of the period from 1978-1985. I think eBay sellers that are trying to use the term vintage with POFT2 or newer stuff are try to dupe new or less experienced collectors.

    Maybe to term this around a bit, why do you feel POFT2 should be called vintage? Again it is a wine term, not an antiques term.

    If we are talking hypothetical and want to pitch different terms I have two. I do like "Original Line" and use to that in the mid 90s. But I have a different suggestion now and would borrow from the world of comics. Golden Era toys would be 1978-1985. Silver Era would be 1995 to some date to be determined by that collector community. And the Modern Era would be some other date to current. I don't know if we would have a Bronze Era or not. I've not been an active Modern collector since 2003, so I've been out of that loop for too long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LusiferSam View Post
    Vintage is a wine term, not an antiques term. Its been co opted over the years to mean something old or of a given era.
    Ohhh yeah, that stuff, Jesus juice. Like old fine-wine. It's a high society labeled term, to describe something (possibly even try to add some value to it, but giving it a special designation).

    Getting back to wine, most (non-organic) is garbage, loaded with chemicals to aid in the fermentation process. I'd rather buy fresh seedless red grapes, or a bottle of Welches grape juice . for a far fraction of the cost of any wine, but people want to be cool, drink, socialize , get hammered /loaded , and blame it on the rain.
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    But fortified wines aren't garbage, right? I mean, they're fortified, kinda like kid's cereals.

    Perhapse we could just agree to spell the word "Vyntage"?

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