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Thread: Star Wars The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book

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    My hope/wish for the book is what I’ve been dreaming for now for a long time and is truly a long shot, is some insight and pics of some prototype pics of some unreleased VC figures. Where is the unreleased Hammerhead? Lobot? Surely depriest has some knowledge the funeral pyre Vader set and probably much more. While it may not have been. C, there has to be some cool ideas that were scrapped during the line. Sansweet’s original book touched on the unreleased Gargan and stuff like that. I think people want to know about what the “parking lot” looked like for VC.

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    I would absolutely love to see that information. I went ahead and placed my order, mostly, I must admit, for the poster. This will be a great way to complement any display of your figs.
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    I think I read that they should have time to add everything offered in 2019. Hopefully, Hasbro surprises us with some of the missing "original 92" that basically would be an easy repack along with a few new long requested figures.
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKnight07 View Post
    Iím very curious and it looks like itíll be great but, ummm, isnít the TVC still going? Iíd feel like it was incomplete I guess since thereís still new stuff coming out that wonít be included in the book.
    I hope HASBRO finishes the original 92+ on the Vintage Collection Cards...(approx. 34 needed to complete it, depending on your certain point of view.)

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    Does anyone think this book/effort will put some pressure on Hasbro or maybe even a wake up call for VC? LOL. Eat your heart out Steve Evans.

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    New stretch goal is unproduced items and concepts... AWESOME!!! I only wish it was an earlier goal.

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    I don't know how far along any of these figures got in the design process, but I remember back in the Q&A days from like '07-'09, Yerka Mig, Taym-Dren, Fozec, Wuher and the cantina distillery were all in the parking lot at one point. I think I remember actually reading that Wuher and the distillery actually got tooled, but canceled/halted at the very last minute. So maybe those will still show up at some point like the leaked list of figures from 2013 have slowly done over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simdog View Post
    New stretch goal is unproduced items and concepts... AWESOME!!! I only wish it was an earlier goal.
    I think that new goal is going to be met no problem
    I backed the project earlier this morning when it was just shy of $80,000. A few moments ago, I saw the funding was just shy of $90,000 as I came here with the intention of posting about the new stretch goal, thinking that in the time it would take for me to finish typing my post, the $90,000 goal would be unlocked. Sure enough, funding is now at almost $90,500!

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    Oh, so it looks like they're updating the campaign stretch goals this very moment. A $25,000 stretch goal now exists for basically a print collection of all the chapter breaks.
    Here's the descriptions for the 2 new stretch goals, straight from the kickstarter page:

    $110,000 ::: So What I Told You was True… From a Certain Point of View:
    A chapter covering concepts, unrealized ideas and unproduced items that were discussed or considered to continue the TVC line beyond it's hiatus in 2012

    $125,000 ::: You Don’t have to do this to Impress Me:
    A folio containing all of the full spread-width chapter break photographs individually printed on premium 8.5x11-inch paper, free of the chapter titles and overlay text. There are currently a minimum of eight (8) chapter break photo spreads earmarked for the book.

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    Again, I am thrilled about this project. I and really excited about the possibility of getting the chapter covering unrealized ideas. It just make me thirst for unrealized concepts not flushed out from TAC and earlier though. Those were pretty good times too. I hope they can get it completed and out by Christmas. I'd love to spend my holiday reading the book. I'm hoping I can add on. I think I want the book cover.

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    Can any one remember any of the "legit" rumors during the VC line? My man Stan had a bunch of rumors from the parking lot no doubt.

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