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Thread: Star Wars pachinko machine for sale

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    Star Wars pachinko machine for sale

    Star Wars pachinko machine

    2006 Star Wars pachinko machine
    I purchased this Star Wars pachinko machine on eBay in 2009. It came as is, without a surrounding presentation case, and I've kept it as it was when purchased.
    I will include the 500 pachinko ***** and reddish heavy duty plastic ball tray that it came with from Japan, as well as the 1500 extra pachinko ***** I purchased to go with it (1000 silver and 500 gold).
    This is a fun slot-style game from Japan with scenes from the movie that play on the electronic screen as bonuses. R2D2 moves and beeps.
    Fully working, no damage.
    Bisty is part of Sankyo brand

    Don't know what Pachinko is?:
    These are selling on Ebay right now for up to $1000.
    $250 plus $149 shipping or free local pickup if you live in NW FL

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    Tempting, it would look good next to my other Star Wars machine.
    "You don't know the power of the Dark Side"

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    You've got a different SW pachinko machine? Which one?

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    I have an Indiana Jones as well.

    "You don't know the power of the Dark Side"

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    That looks great! What an awesome display

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