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Thread: No Date No COO Lili Ledy Yoda?

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    Go to page 37 if it doesn't automatically direct you. Possible Tops Toys?

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    This isn't a Top Toys. The paint and plastic are wrong. The eyes are not yellow, and the feet have holes in them. I am thinking Lili Ledy Prototype.

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    What's the leading indicator that it's a Ledy? It's very hard to see based on figure condition and not having comparison pics. It doesn't look 'really dark', like mine and the eye paint isn't black.

    Not Hungarian...What other bootleg possibilities could it be?
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    Have you ever heard of or seen a picture of a no date no coo prototype Lily Ledy figure? Lily Ledy used existing molds that already had a date stamp to produce their figures so it makes no sence for them to have pre production figures without a date stamp. There are regular Kenner figures that lack a coo, parts of the coo or other fine details where the plastic injection didn't fill all the details, collectors call them "shortshots"'. This Yoda looks like it has had a rough life, the front looks like he has a cigarette burn melt mark and the back looks rough and dirty, is it possible the coo is just faded?

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    Gerrit - What you are writing is not true. Most Kenner prototypes were done at US Kenner facilities. Some of the production Lili Ledy versions actually have unique COOs that were not used elsewhere. The Yoda No COO for instance. The Ree Yees Mexico is another example. The prototype makers made their own molds, and these did not have COO markings. Lili Ledy did a lot of weird things. That is why I am asking.

    Trent - The original owner was selling a bunch of Lili Ledy cards at the same time as this figure. He told me got it as a kid at a Toy Store in Mexico.

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    You could be right about some of the ROTJ figures but the date stamp unique to the no coo Ledy Yoda is the same as the Yoda date stamp that is shared Ledy and Kenner, it's just missing the Hong Kong

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