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Thread: Retro Collection Death Star Board Game

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    I should have just gone the ebay route, and bought a loose Tarkin when Tunghori had them listed. But of course I let Hasbro suck me in, and I bought two games. One to open and have a loose figure, one just to keep the figure carded. I can honestly tell you I have ZERO interest in buying a third to keep the whole thing sealed.

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    I broke down and bought the game and opened it to display the Tarkin. At least it's not a REPLICANT!!!! I still feel a bit dirty supporting vintageplotation!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cichlidjedi View Post
    I broke down and bought the game and opened it to display the Tarkin. At least it's not a REPLICANT!!!! I still feel a bit dirty supporting vintageplotation!!!!

    It's like I always say, it's only worth to you what it's worth to you. The way I see it is yes there's a big market for vintage and as long as that remains there will be someone there to exploit it in some way or form. And hopefully their motive is good. My motives for buying Tarkin were similar to the way your's turned out. I wanted Tarkin. I saw Tarkin. I bought Tarkin. Was he worth $20 to get acquire? For me, yes. He's the first true unique vintage style figure that has rolled out of the Hasbro assembly line since they absorbed Kenner. So what I'm saying is don't feel bad for buying a figure that you wanted. If nobody buys them then what are the chances that Hasbro will make more? I give them the support because they did a good job with most everything in the retro line. It's okay to buy into the vintageplotation if it doesn't cross the line. The line is different for each person though.

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    The way I look at it, and I bought 4, are this is now out of the way.I have a loose Tarkin, a carded Tarkin, a carded tarkin with sticker removed, and a sealed set. The game flat out stinks. I hated it as a kid, and still hate it. The card art is kind of cool though. Now if they do another figure packed in a game, all of the games that followed were at least somewhat fun. I would much rather have had "Destroy the Death Star" which had hours of play value.

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    I originally bought the board game because of the Tarkin figure that was included. My original goal was to have this figure and the rest of the 'Target exclusives' be displayed in acrylic cases. Because growing up with them between 1981-1986 has me see them as variants more than modern reissues! Plus a Japanese collector sold me on how good they look they look displayed that way. But immediately after seeing them in person I reduced my plans to having Tarkin on display (MOC, mind you) in my current bedroom. And pray that I could establish a Empire Strikes Back "character focus" collection. At least for the action figure stuff.

    But when it comes to this line in general, it will never be anything more than a reissue variant line that is filling in any gaps Kenner could not fill in. Something that should help the hobby while harming the repro market. Because, after all, the only two groups that harm this hobby are the dishonest sellers and those who think their opinions should be the law of the land.
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