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Thread: Ponda Baba Wins!

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    Ponda Baba Wins!

    According to Gentle Giant's twitter feed, Ponda won and will be the next mini-bust selected by the fans.
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    That's awesome news! He was top of my ANH aliens want list. If they could add in Dr. Evazan as an exclusive PGM two-pack that would be even better.

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    That is awesome. They need to do this more frequently.

    Do one for each era and just keep rotating them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialOpsUnit View Post
    That is awesome. They need to do this more frequently.

    Do one for each era and just keep rotating them.
    Great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kneel_Before_Zod View Post
    Deluxe with removable arm please!
    Gotta do this. And I don't know how this bust doesn't release without Dr. Evazan right alongside.
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    Yup. Bring on the optional 2 pack !

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    This is great news! While we don't know yet how long it will take for this mini bust to be released, the character has been at the top of my list among all the Cantina patrons for a long time. Indeed, it'd be great if he's offered as a Deluxe piece with removable arm; that would definitely be a plus. Also, please, a Dr. Evazan mini bust should follow it as the obvious companion piece. We won't even need a poll for that. And I agree a 2-pack of Ponda/Evazan would be awesome! Remember every Walrus needs a doctor!

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    This is fantastic news. I know several of us here, myself included, have lobbied for this character and even a 2 pack with the Doc. A definite buy for me.
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    Looking forward to the concept drawings! If this one doesn't have a removable arm option, it will be the worst bust in history...right??
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