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Thread: Blade Runner Knock-Off Blaster Upgrade

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    Blade Runner Knock-Off Blaster Upgrade

    So about a year ago I found myself going after the Elfin Knights Blade Runner Style Water Pistol. I had to. It was likely my most affordable chance to own THE GUN in my mind when I became aware of it. Then over Christmas I lucked into a Japanese kit at an unbelievable price. But I could never get those terrible Flea Market Knock-off Blasters out of my mind. Gold and Black and the spinny cylinder and generic light and sounds.... ***SSSSNNNNIFFFFFF*** Solid gold.... So close to having EVERYTHING but so short of just being GOOD. I'd seen folks popping film canisters in there in place of the bullet cylinder or just covering it with tape and calling it a day but I just couldn't be teased to have a gun with 80% of the proper anatomy and just leave it at that.

    SO, through a series of smaller piece molds and trimming and placing features from the elfin knights gun onto the knock-off, I was able to construct a prototype of the knock-off with upgraded parts (electronics bit the dust, that's fine) and from that build a master mold of those parts in place now allowing me to take said knock-off gun, place it in my mold, fill it with resin and out pops a semi-accurate Blade Runner blaster in under 15 minutes.

    Just wanted to share my results with the world!!

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    Triggers may be tough. the trigger guard itself is not really sized for it. I had tinkered with replacing it with a rubies stormtrooper blaster trigger guard. that definitely seems to make room but I wouldnt want to just cast them in place like veneers. Main focus has been doing away with the atrocious chrome cylinder and other little features.

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