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Thread: Stormtroopers in The Empire Strikes Back

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    I always assumed the Death Troopers were Krennic's personal guards. Cassian killed two of them, Baze took out the other six, so with Krennic dead, there was no reason for them anymore.
    That was my assumption as well. As for the TIE Striker - I put that down to Scarif being a base of experimental designs, so they were essentially prototypes. Will take a look at the visual dictionary when I'm back home next week and see if any of these questions are addressed.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Disney's work but I think the way they've built out the Empire has largely worked. Changing the Sandtrooper's distinctive pauldron to a rank signifier took some adjustment but makes sense, while the amount of new troops we're seeing show how big the galaxy is.

    Of course it's all motivated by money, no question. But they're making new troopers because the toys sell - which means people like us can't get enough of buying them. Works for me.
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    Death Troopers without Krennic showed up in Rebels, there's definitely more of them out there than the 1-2 squads seen (and killed) in R1.
    That said, it makes sense that these experimental troopers are a result of Krennic's weapons development program. After Krennic, Galen, all of Erso's Eadu scientists and the Scarif blue-prints vault are destroyed, that program is basically dead. Death troopers would probably be re-assigned, perhaps as Imperial Commandos, or further developed into DF Dark Troopers or JK2 Shadow Troopers.

    Funny, every time some redundant new design shows up in a merchandise-driven medium, I think it's introduced to sell toys. And then oftentimes they don't even make proper toys out of something, which really defeats the purpose. I mean, no Resistance Transport, AT-M6, Battering Ram Cannon, Resistance Bomber, AT Hauler, Conveyex, TIE Reaper, Jedha Stormtroopers...
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    Death Troopers are under the command of the Imperial Intelligence Service. They are essentially the SAS of the Empire. Hand picked to perform special duties. I don't think Krennic has anything to do with their creation or their assignments, other than giving orders to the squad that were assigned to him.

    The Death Trooper and the Shore Trooper of 'Rogue One' are just troopers we hadn't seen yet and in that respect, I can let them go. Plus their designs were pretty cool looking, so that helped. Personally, I'd have preferred if the so called "Shore Troopers" were all just regular Stormtroopers.

    That being said, I am getting sick of Disney's new trooper designs (AKA toy designs) clogging up what is now an already bloated Empire and I'd rather not see any more. The Patrol Trooper in 'Solo' was an especially unnecessary addition and it comes across as a cheap mish-mash of previous and much better designs.

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    In Rogue One we got to see our first Navy Trooper officer. Rank badge and all.
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    Well I mean, at the end of the day, people are right...we know what it is. New troopers are created to produce new products. I can let certain things slide, sure, like I can roll with the Death Troopers. I was a huge fan of the Dark Forces video games and at the end of the day, they're essentially the film version of Dark Troopers. In fact, I think it pretty easy to argue that Rogue One was an adaptation OF Dark Forces really. But I just, I don't know, sometimes it feels a bit much, the variant troopers.
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